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    Character » Mr. 5 appears in 57 issues.

    Member of Baroque Works, his partner is Miss Valentine. He ate the Bomu Bomu no Mi, which allows him to turn any part of his body into a bomb without harming himself.

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    Mr. 5 is the male partner of Miss Valentine, and the lowest ranking Officer Agent of Baroque Works. All of the male Officer Agents are paired with female agents that compliment their abilities; Mr. 5 works with Miss Valentine because she is unaffected by his explosions and can ride the updrafts he creates to fly in her light form.
    Mr. 5 is tall and thin, with dark skin and hair. He wears sunglasses and a brown trench coat with a pink cravat. Like the other Officer Agents, he has his number tattooed onto his body, with a 5 on his chest and shoulder.
    Although Baroque Works discourages close relationships, Mr. 5 seems to have become friends with Miss Valentine, vacationing with her in the Grand Line and becoming furious when she was wounded by an enemy attack. He also seems to have a sense of loyalty to the rest of Baroque Works, joining up with two other Officer Agents to break them out of jail.
    After Baroque Works collapse, Mr. 5 and Miss Valentine stayed in Little Garden with Miss Goldenweek, living in a wax house created by Mr. 3's powers. When they learned of their associates Mr.1, Miss Doublefinger, Mr. 4, and Miss Merry Christmas's capture, they utilized Miss Goldenweek's mind controlling abilities to commandeer a Marine ship, and pretended to be under arrest to get into the prison where their fellow Officer Agents were being held. Using Mr. 5's explosions to free their co-officers, they escaped with all of them; with the exception of Mr. 1, who opted to stay behind in order to ensure Crocodile would escape as well.
    After fleeing the island, Miss Goldenweek used her powers to show the other officer agents the oppertunities available to them by showing the others what their real drams were. Mr. 5's dream was to be a firefighter, but this was a far fetched dream for him because of his fire generating explosions. He and the other agents decided instead to open up a new Spiders Cafe, to replace Miss Doublefingers old workplace. He is last seen at the new Spiders Cafe, working hard nailing in the sign's lettering.
    Mr. 5 has eaten the Bomu Bomu no Mi, which turned him into a living bomb. He is able to emit powerful explosions from any part of his body, causing his kicks and punches to be very dangerous. His mucus and breath are also shown to be explosive. He can also consume any explosive material, and is often seen adding gunpowder to his coffee to give it some flavor.


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