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    Character » Mr. 3 appears in 97 issues.

    Former Member of Baroque Works, he ate the Doru Doru no Mi. In Impel Down he became a member of Buggy's crew, which has now become Cross Guild.

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    During the series Mr. 3 is sent along with Miss Goldenweek to Little Garden to intercept Princess Vivi and the Strawhats. Here Mr. 3 takes interest in the local pair of feuding giants ( Dorry and Brogy) and intends to collect the bounty on both theirs and Luffy's heads simultaneously.

    First he makes sure to secretly disable one of the giants and than sabotages one of their duels so that one of them is cut down. He proceeds to try and make statues out of the giant, Zoro, Nami, and Vivi, but Usopp, Luffy, and Karoo spoil this event. Eventually after two rounds and a maze of self statues Mr. 3 is defeated by Luffy. He shows up later in Alabasta to apologize to Sir Crocodile for his failure, yet an unamused Crocodile however simply feeds him to his pet Bananawani.

    However, Mr. 3 shows up yet again when Sanji is attempting to free the rest of the crew from the same Bananawani. He used his powers to encapsulate himself in wax while in the gators stomach, and after being freed Sanji simply makes him use his powers to open the jail where the crew was captive and than beats him unconscious.

    During Vivi's speech at the end of the Alabasta arc Mr. 3 can be seen in the crowd listening to her in Rainbase. The reason for his presence there is never explained.

    Afterwards, Mr. 3 is shown on Holliday Island where he is needed to turn himself in to free Miss Valentine. However, Mr. 3 decides to escape on his ship and save himself, but is stopped by Mr. 2. Despite being defeated by Mr. 2, Mr. 3 manages to escape, so Mr. 2 is forced to disguise himself as Mr. 3 to free Miss Valentine. However, Mr. 3 is later caught offscreen and is sentenced to Impel Down with Crocodile, Mr. 1, and Mr. 2. 
    He is later freed from his cage in Impel Down by Luffy himself, who orders Mr. 3 to start a riot so that he can go and find his brother while the guards are off in Level 2. He teams up with Buggy the Clown to plot an escape while Luffy runs around with Crocodile and Mr. 1. While confronting Magellan, sees Crocodile and is instantly terrified of him. However, Crocodile tells Mr. 3 to try and use his wax to stop a flood of poison coming from Magellan, remembering how the wax was resistant to the Bananawani's stomach acid.

    Abilities and Powers

    Mr. 3 ate the Doru Doru no Mi, a Devil Fruit which allows him to tap infinite amounts of a special candle wax from his body. He can manipulate this wax to form any shape he desires, control its motion in both liquid and hardened states, and harden it to become as strong as steel.


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