Moya's Crew

    Team » Moya's Crew appears in 35 issues.

    Adventurers aboard the living starship Moya, in the Farscape series.

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    Original members: 
    - John Crichton
    - Aeryn Sun
    - Ka D'argo
    - Zhaan
    - Rygel
    - Pilot  
    Curent members:
    - John Crichton
    - Aeryn Sun
    - Pilot
    - Jothee
    - Sikozu
    - Noranti
    - D'argo "Deke" Sun-Crichton 

    History of the crew

    Moya's crew banded together in order to escape pursuit of Peacekeepers. D'argo, Zhaan and Rygel were being kept as prisoners on board Moya, and Crichton ended up there by accident, after reaching that part of space by a wormhole. Aeryn Sun was part of Peacekeeper unit that attempted to recapture Moya. Her Prowler was near Moya when she Starbursted, so Aeryn was brought on board as a prisoner. Aeryn officially joined the crew after being deemed "irreversibly contaminated" by her former commanding officer Bialar Crais. Former prisoners planned for Moya to drop them off at their home planets, but they soon found out they are either not welcome anymore, or have no other place to go.
    First person to join original members was Chiana, a Nebari being held prisoner by her Government. After the crew defeats her captors Chiana decides to stick on board. 
    Moya's crew have included various members, including some of the former enemies of the crew: 
    - Stark, mentally imbalanced former prisoner of Scorpius, who had the ability to relive dying people of pain;
    - Jool, rescued by the crew after spending 22 cycles in stasis, joined them because she didn't have anywhere else to go;
    - Sikozu, redheaded Kalish, who joins up with Crichton in order to escape pirates trying to kill her;
    - Noranti, also a former prisoner, joined the crew after escaping Scorpius' Command Carrier;
    - Jothee, son of Ka D'argo, stayed for a while on board Moya, left and later rejoined the crew after his father's death;
    - Bialar Crais, on board Moya for a short while, later took command of Moya's offspring Talyn;
    - Scorpius, joined a crew after saving Aeryn's life, in order to protect wormhole knowledge from Scarrans.
    There have been many romantic relationships amongst the crew members, most notable being the one between John Crichton and Aeryn Sun. As of Peacekeepers Wars, Crichton and Aeryn have a son named after D'argo, but mostly called Deke.
    Other relationships include a love triangle between D'argo, Chiana and Jothee, and a relationship between Zhaan and Stark, and Scorpius and Sikozu.

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