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    Mowgli is the son of Montgomery Doolittle.

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    Mowgli was created by David Elliott for Titan Comics' A1: The Weirding Willows. He is based on the original Mowgli from The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling.


    Born in India, as the son of Montgomery Doolittle. His mother gave him the nickname "Little Frog" that is in reference to his father.

    Mowgli's grandfather was Doctor John Doolittle, the first in the family to discover the family's ability to talk and communicate with animals. John's son, Montgomery, never quite developed the talent to its fullest, but when his son was adopted by wolves, Mowgli's abilities surpassed his grandfathers. But Mowgli knows none of this. He doesn't know who his father or grandfather were and believes his abilities to simply be learnt because he was living with the animals.

    He's lost friends and family more than once, but as soon as he found out his best friends "brothers" had been kidnapped he risked everything to stow away on a ship to England tracking the hunter who had captured his brothers.

    Mowgli is a mutant. He can understand the speech of any intelligent species and projects whatever he says into the minds of those around him so they can all understand him. He often hears other voices and whispers that no one can hear. Those voices are the trees and plants.



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