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    District Attorney Bill Perkins takes down criminals by any means as the masked vigilante the Mouthpiece.

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    Mouthpiece was a character published by Quality Comics. He first appeared in Poilce Comics #1 (August 1941) until issue #13. He was created by Fred Guardinner.

    Bill Perkins was a District Attorney from New York City who thought that the law was not strong enough. He decided to don a costume to apprehend criminals that escaped justice. He became the Mouthpiece. He was ruthless, and was prepared to kill criminals when he needed to.  He once threw a harpoon into the back of a fleeing criminal, Peg-Leg Friel, rather than let him get away.

    Mouthpiece was a skilled brawler and marksman also; an above-average detective and an expert in criminal law.

    In Dr. Md-Nite #1 (1999), there is mention of a lawyer named "Mouthpiece". Whether this person is Bill Perkins is unknown.

    Police Comics Issues 1-13

    • Police Comics 1 - The Mouthpiece stops Peg-Leg Friel and his Human Smuggler Ring. 
    • Police Comics 2 -  The Mouthpiece stops the Hogans brothers after they attempt to kill a woman, Lily Butler, who witnessed them robbing a jewelry stop. 
    • Police Comics 3 - The Mouthpiece stops Fatso Dowd after he escapes from prison and holds up i an elderly couples home.  
    • Police Comics 4 - The Mouthpiece stops Dumb Dan Dugan and the Weasel after they fix a fight against Young Willard, a boxer. 
    • Police Comics 5 - The Mouthpiece stops Professor Snook from kidnapping people.  
    • Police Comics 6 - The Mouthpiece stops a group of Fifth Columnist from sabitage a boat. 
    • Police Comics 7 - The Mouthpiece stops the Kiel Brothers from selling government secrets. 
    • Police Comics 8 - The Mouthpiece stops Scul after he and his brother, Morbid, rob a bank. Scul kills his brother and seals his body behind a brick wall. 
    • Police Comics 9 - The Mouthpiece stops Mike Fooch after he tries to extort morning from a rich woman. 
    • Police Comics 10 - The Mouthpiece stops Big Joe gobul from selling secrets tothe Japanese. 
    • Police Comics 11- The Mouthpiece stops Greaseball Bullon after he kills Major Malcolm Munsey and attempts to sell secrets to the Nazis
    • Police Comics 12 - The Mouthpiece stops the Underwaterman after he has committed a number of brutal killings. 
    • Police Comics 13 - The Mouthpiece stops the Human bomber as he attempts to drop bombs on the city. 

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