Mouse Police

    Team » Mouse Police appears in 60 issues.

    A group of miniature-sized Fables who form their own mounted police force and most commonly work in the espionage field for larger Fables.

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    When the Lilliputians came to the Mundane world from the Homelands, an elite corps of soldiers decided to pair with Fable mice to form the Mouse Police. Over the years, they have been employed as spies for Bigby Wolf and Fabletown. Known for their bravery, the Mouse Police will take on any task with a will twice the size of their minuscule bodies. 

    Major Story Arcs

    Story Book Love

    Suspecting Bluebeard of treachery, Bigby employed the Mouse Police to spy on the former pirate. His suspicions were proved correct as Bluebeard was in league with the terrorist Goldilocks. Tragically, the mouse of the brave soldier was killed by Goldilocks, but the policeman managed to escape and warn Bigby. 

    March of the Wooden Soldiers

    During the invasion of Fabletown by the Wooden Soldiers, the efforts of the Mouse Police were not fully realized until after the battle when the Fables were burying their dead down the Witching Well. Bigby revealed to the others gathered that he had tasked the Mouse Police with attacking the joints of the Wooden Soldiers, leaving many of the brave men and mice to be crushed under the weight of the toppling soldier.

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