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    A British superhero with an attitude.

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    Harley Davis was a hardened street kid in East London by the time she was seventeen. Harley is a walking curse box. She has a feisty attitude that can only be born from the streets of London. She also has a very individual sense of style befitting of a rebellious street-savvy teenager. Her foul mouth earned her the nick name "Motormouth" from the crowd she hang out with.

    When Mys-Tech began looking for individuals whose brainwave patterns might be compatible with the M.O.P.E.D (Mind Operated PErsonal Dematerialization) technology their Warheads had stolen, technology that allowed people to teleport across time, space and even into alternate realities, project supervisor Laarson identified Harley as a match. Mys-Tech disguised the technology as pair of shoes, leaving them for Harley to discover, but Mys-Tech's Board, angry at Laarson for previous failures, executed him. Hoping to avoid the same fate by proving chosing Harley was not a mistake, Laarson's assistants activated Harley's M.O.P.E.D unit.

    Harley found herself in a futuristic shopping mall, where she purchased a Soni-Muta 500 Unit, a newly developed microchhip that allowed the purchaser to tune into any radio station they want (this will also help her to get her sonic scream in the future). Harley then returns to her own world but is unfortunately captured by Mys-Tech and is sent on a reaping mission, but luckly she escapes and heads for Tokyo, Japan.


    Motormouth is a Marvel comics character created by Gary Frank, Paul Neary and Graham Marks and she first appears in Overkill #1 released in 1992. Her real name, Harley Davis, is an obvious reference to the Harley Davidson motorcycle brand.

    Major Story Arcs


    Through her various reality shifts, she ended up on a world called Tekron. while there another agent sent by MyS-Tech is sent after her with the name of Killpower. Harley unable to evade him for long, turns to her powers of reasoning to tame him. Killpower is described as having the mental compacity of a child and is easily intrigued by Harley, and joins forces with her. While on Tekron Harley is severely injured when she is shot through the throat by a stray bullet. Killpower using her microchip the Soni-Muta 500 along with MOPED technology heals her injury, but causes her to become forever changed, she gained the ability of a sonic scream and the below mentioned ultrasound as well as the abitly to teleport and dimension jump without the aid of MOPED technology .

    Days of Futures Yet To Come

    In the alternate future of Earth-811 Motormouth is slaughtered by the Sentinels during an attack to the R.C.X. secret base.

    Powers and Abilities

    Teleportation. She wears MOPED technology enhanced shoes that allow her to step into other dimensions.

    She also has the ability to create a sonic scream which can be deafening but she can also make this scream into a lethal force blast (similar to Banshee from the X-men).

    Another ability related to her vocal chords is that if she hums she can make a form of sound called ultra-sound, this allows her to see through solid objects ( similar to sonar or a sonic version of x-ray). Another power she has is to be able to sense different forms of energy,


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