Motormouth & Killpower #9

    Motormouth & Killpower » Motormouth & Killpower #9 - Escape! released by Marvel on February 1993.

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    Motormouth and Killpower manage to escape MyS-Tech only to run into a Time Guardian that gives them the ability to travel where ever they want in time. Their first foray: Ancient Rome. Cable finishes his task while Fury infiltrates MyS-Tech.


    Motormouth and Killpower continue fighting a giant, tentacled monster in the MyS-Tech experimental research area. Things go from bad to worse when more guards show up. Also, another monster appears.

    At the Patron Magna stone circle, Cable is nearing the Harpies ship in their tractor beam. Badhand fights his own stasis beam and blasts the ship. Cable comes crashing down and the Harpies ship does the same. Cable quickly recovers and places the Clavis Key at the center of the stone circle. The key flashes to life and vanishes, returning to its owner the Time Guardians. Cable and Badhand leave the site, Cable having paid his debt to the Time Guardians. As the men leave, one of the Harpies crawls from the wreckage and attempts to call back to MyS-Tech. Another emerges but badly disfigured. She explains that the interference from the Clavis Key is disrupting the calling signal. Besides, the Harpies need to evolve again to be stronger. The two merge and begin their transformation with the other three Harpies.

    Back at MyS-Tech, Motormouth and Killpower make an escape while the freshly arrived guards try to handle the tentacled monster. They hope to find an armory to get restocked with some big weapons.

    Nick Fury begins his own infiltration of MyS-Tech. He heads into the sewers. He runs into some corpses but presses on. He ends up in a Warheads rehearsal room and makes his way into the vents of the building.

    Killpower stops Motormouth to swat a bug out of the air. Upon inspection, the two find the bug to be a way of keeping tabs on the two of them. Killpower is upset that MyS-Tech would cheat at hide-and-seek.

    In the vents, Fury sees some horrible things going on. He doesn't realize that he's being monitored, as well. Crowe and Tyburn see his movements and plot for Fury to witness everything he can so as to make his death all the more poignant. Fury ends up running in to Motormouth and Killpower and gets upset, seeing as how Killpower had given Fury a ton of trouble in the past. Both sides split, however, and go their separate ways.

    Killpower leads the duo to the armory and they stock up. Killpower tests one of his guns and blasts a hole in a wall. They are immediately discovered. Wasting no more time, the two use their M.O.P.E.D. units and escape MyS-Tech. They land in another dimension.

    Fury continues his infiltration of MyS-Tech. He thinks he's making progress when he is attacked. He flees (down a system of tunnels that Crowe hoped he'd go in) and finds a huge structure in the middle of the complex. Crowe appears and introduces Fury to the Un-Earth, a gadget he hopes to control the entire planet with. Fury pulls his pistol and shoots Crowe. Unfazed, Crowe pulls his own gun and blasts Fury. Fury is rendered incapable of movement while Crowe explains that he's going to kill Fury slowly.

    Motormouth and Killpower meet a man who claims to be the current Time Guardian. He tells them that he is impressed with their potential and alters their M.O.P.E.D. units so as to be able to travel any way they wish in time. He gives them a dire warning, however, that they should let history run its true course or risk being eradicated themselves. The two are immediately hurled into the Roman Colosseum. The inhabitants of 55 B.C. think the two are demons and set to destroy them. Motormouth tells Killpower not to retaliate since it might kill one of their ancestors. They instead knock people out. They try to create some space so as to time jump again but Motormouth gets ensnared by a net. To add to their problems, their presence has scared a lion into the deck where Julius Caesar sits. Motormouth shouts and destroys the lion. Caesar gives them a thumbs up in gratitude and Motormouth and Killpower teleport elsewhere.

    In MyS-Tech, Nick Fury is held in a cube and awaits execution.


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