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Motormouth and Killpower arrive on Matricca Scoppio and are immediately attacked by MyS-Tech's Psycho Warriors. Killpower gets taken and Motormouth has to figure on how to get him back.

On Earth, Nick Fury, the Punisher, and Badhand try to wrangle some renegade MyS-Tech drug dealers. Cable has to drop in when things get otherworldly.


The moment Motormouth and Killpower land on Matricca Scoppio, the factory planet, they are tracked by agents of MyS-Tech. Mullarkey orders Psycho Warriors to their location to bring the two in. Locals detect Motormouth and Killpower's presence as well and mark that a second appearance has just occurred - a large craft.

On Earth, Nick Fury wraps up the current operation by sending Nina back to base to get fixed whatever Crowe has done to her. He resolves to finally put the man down and has the Punisher lead the way to a warehouse that is supposed to house a large shipment of drugs held by Crowe. Badhand wonders why he's on the job if the Punisher is so involved. Nick tells him not to worry about it. The three men arrive at the warehouse and find that a rave is going on. Punisher explains that raves have been a front for major drug deals. The men go to the roof to stake out the place and Punisher takes out the lone guard.

On Matricca Scoppio, the Psycho Warriors land and attack Motormouth and Killpower. The Psycho Warriors are more like techno-zombies and the two find it hard to kill them. Motormouth is able to shout one to pieces but others get too close. She lures them away and dismantles them and then returns to see Killpower being loaded in the MyS-Tech ship. She is helpless to come to his aid and the ship departs.

Back at the rave, the trio looks through a skylight to see a mess of kids enjoying the rave. The men head in to find the stash of drugs. Some men meet in an office and confirm that the drugs are present and that the light show in the rave is set up to Crowe's specifications. One man is sampling the drug when the trio busts in shooting. One of the dealers gets away and the Punisher follows him. The man makes it to the rave and commands the lighting be turned on. The Punisher is nearly blinded.

As the Psycho Warriors leave with Killpower, Motormouth discovers that Killpower's M.O.P.E.D. unit has fallen off. She picks it up and tries to plan a way to get it back to her friend without getting stuck at MyS-Tech herself.

At the rave, the Punisher can't believe his eyes when he sees the man he was chasing turn into a monster. The man explains that the drug and lights combined will change a few of the drug users. MyS-Tech wants to test the ones the drug/light combo affects. As the monster-man moves in to kill the Punisher, Cable leaps through the skylight and shoots the monster-man. The men make sure the kids get out alright.

The Psycho Warriors deliver Killpower to MyS-Tech. He gets strapped into a machine and awakens to find his mother preparing for an intense round of questioning.

In the warehouse, the Punisher and Cable race back to Nick Fury to find that a monster had been in the room there, too. He had ripped the head off a man before Badhand took him out. They search some of the MyS-Tech people and find a library card. Cable informs Fury that the card is like a badge that get's a person into MyS-Tech's base at a museum and that he's got a guy inside that could lower some defenses so that the men could sneak in. The men move out and Badhand plants a bomb. They later see MyS-Tech trucks approaching the building (presumably to collect any of the altered drug users) and Badhand blows it up before anyone enters. The Punisher takes that as his cue to leave.

Back on Matricca Scoppio, Motormouth is monitored by a man named Thule. He orders soldiers to apprehend her at once since she seems to have to Ultraphase Units. The Dove Soldiers arrive before Motormouth can leave.

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