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    A giant moth mutated by radiation and worshiped as a god by the inhabitants of Infant Island. Mothra is Godzilla's sometimes ally/sometimes foe.

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    Mothra is a giant moth who first appeared in the film Mothra. Mothra has battled Godzilla numerous times and also helped him on several occasions. Mothra has an evil counterpart named Battra. Mothra has two forms. One is a giant moth that can fly. The other form is a brown worm or caterpillar that can swim and shoot webs. Mothra has appeared in many films they are Mothra, Godzilla vs. Mothra, Ghidorah the Three Headed Monster, Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster, Godzilla vs. Gigan, Godzilla and Mothra Battle For Earth, Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II, Godzilla vs. Space Godzilla, Rebirth of Mothra, Rebirth of Mothra II, Rebirth of Mothra III, Godzilla Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monster All Out Attack, Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla, Godzilla Tokyo SOS, Godzilla Final Wars

    Major Story Arcs


    Mothra Larva
    Mothra Larva

    Mothra made her first appearance in her own movie Mothra. She is worshiped by the natives of Infant Island as a god. One day a group of thieves stole Mothra's priestess the six inch tall woman known as the Shobijin. The islanders tried to fight back but with the power of the guns on their side the thieves had the upper hand. The priest who was injured from the thieves crawled back to the temple towards a giant egg crying mournfully, the egg broke. Mothra was born into the world. She felt Shobijin crys for help and the giant caterpillar had one thing on her mind, save the Shobijin.

    Mothra made her way to Tokyo, destroying everything in her path. A few days had passed and Mothra saw the Japanese military standing in her way. Being onslaughted by firepower Mothra thought that her current form was to slow, so she climbed up Tokyo Tower. She formed a cocoon around her self waiting for the process of metamorphosis to occur.

    The nest day the Japanese military takes advantage of Mothra's defenseless state. Two Heat Guns were brought out to fry the monster alive. They burned the cocoon leaving it a burned husk of former life. Mothra was very much alive though she emerged from the cocoon. She now resembled a moth or butterfly of sorts. She flew to the area where the Shobijin were held , New Kirk City. Conflict occurred between humans as the Shobijin were taken from the thieves and given back to Mothra who left Japan in peace.

    Mothra's egg washes ashore on the Japanese coast. Taken by the greedy corporations the egg was placed in a fiber glass cage. The natives of Infant Island wanted it back, but it fell to deaf ears.

    Godzilla returns to wreck havoc again, so a group of reporters go to infant island to ask the Shobijin for help. Mothra communicates the shobijin and eventually they come across an agreement. Sadly though Mothra was in a weak state so even if she is triumphant she does not have the strength to fly back to Infant Island.

    Mothra Fighting Godzilla
    Mothra Fighting Godzilla

    Eventually she reaches mainland and fights Godzilla. Mothra fought with every attack and power she had but it was not enough. Eventually her wing is burned and she retreats flying towards her egg(breaking the fiber glass cage). She died leaving the job to the her child.

    Shobijin prayed to the guardian of Infant Island. Mothra heard there prayers and two young Mothra's came from the egg.They moved towards the king of monsters to continue the fight. Together the young Mothra's overpowered Godzilla. They wrapped Godzilla in their silk entombing him. They then topple the nuclear menace into the waves below avenging their mother.

    Time passed and one of the Mothra's had died, but the other was worshipped by the inhabitants of Infant Island. Her peace did not last long for humanity needed Mothra's help yet again. The monster King Ghidorah destroyer of worlds had arrived on Earth and was wreaking havoc across Japan. Mothra could not defeat the cosmic dragon alone she needed Rodan's and Godzilla's help. The dinosaurian monsters had there own battle between each other and left Mothra to fight King Ghidorah by herself. Mothra moved towards King Ghidorah knowing that the fight was already lost, but Mothra's courage fought through fighting King Ghidoarh. Godzilla and Rodan were move by Mothra's bravery and decided to help. Together they defeated King Ghidorah.

    Years past and another adult Mothra was born. Some of Mothra's people had been taken by the Red Bamboo Organization turning them into slaves for their needs.Her worshippers prayed for Mothra to save and Mothra answered their prayers. Mothra arrived to Letchi Island base to the Red Bamboo Organization, where Godzilla had defeated Ebirah. Mothra noticed her former comrade and went on the save her people. Godzilla blasted the challenging Mothra. Mothra toppled Godzilla over ending the battle. After defeating Godzilla she took her people back home.

    Mothra on Monster Island
    Mothra on Monster Island

    In the year 1999 another Mothra was born and was taken to Monster Land.She and the other monsters on the island were all mind controlled by the aliens known as the Kilaakiens who had a global assault of Earth. Mothra was sent to attack Beijing then with Rodan, Manda, and Godzilla Tokyo. The aliens Mind control device was duplicated on Earth giving humanity a chance to fight back. They had taken control of all the monsters, including Mothra who fought King Ghidorah. They were successful and all went back to Monster Land were Mothra finally lives in peace.


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    In the early 90's the island called Infant Island was bombarded by asteroids. This caused climatic changes which caused a giant egg to revealed in the hillside. An expedition team was sent to Infant Island to record the climate change and in the process they found the giant egg. Near the egg were two insect sized human twins called the cosmos appeared near the egg. The Cosmos told the team about an ancient civilization who created a weather changing machine. Finding this an action that was against nature Earth created a protector of nature called Battra. The guardian Mothra fought its demented twin. With the weather machine destroyed Battra flew to north to rest. The planet flooded and Mothra flew to the mountains to rest with the Cosmos. The Cosmos told the expedition that Mothra and Battra were reawakening due to the new dangers nature was facing. One of the expedition team members told the Cosmos that the egg would be safe on Japanese mainland and the Cosmos put their faith in the team. The egg was being transported by boat to Japan.

    The ship that the egg was one was slowly arriving to its destination until it was attacked by Godzilla. To keep the boat safe from Godzilla the ropes holding the egg were cut. After the ropes around the egg were cut the egg began to crack and glow blue. The Larval form of Mothra broke free from the egg. Mothra and Godzilla battled in the ocean for some time until a figure appeared in the ocean. The figure was none other than Battra's larval form. Battra hit Mothra to the side and attacked Godzilla, accidentally giving Mothra a chance to escape. As Battra and Godzilla fell to their doom into an underwater volcano, Mothra made its way back home.

    One of the members of the expedition team kidnapped the Cosmos and brought them to his boss. The Cosmos called out to Mothra for help and Mothra answered. Mothra plowed its way through Japan destroying buildings and the militaries defenses. The Cosmos were released and the Cosmos told Mothra to stop. Mothra listened and started to make its journey home, untilit was attcked by the military. The military stopped their assault when they heard innocents were in the area. Mothra in weakened state made its way to the Diet Building where she began to make a cocoon.

    Mothra appeared out of her cocoon as an imago. Mothra took to the skies to face Battra(who survived and became its imago form). At Yokohama Cosmo World, Mothr and Battra clashed battling each fighting to the death. Battra knocked Mothra to the ground and prepared to kill her. In midst of their battle Godzilla appeared to continue its fight with the two giant moths. The two moths decided to fight Godzilla together for he was the greater threat. The two moths overpowered Godzilla and lifted him up off the ground preparing to drop him over the ocean. Before the two moths could drop Godzilla, the irradiated monster killed Battra. Mothra let go Godzilla letting him and Battra fall into the ocean. Mothra turned back to Japan.

    Mothra took Battra's place in stopping an asteroid(which was to hit Earth in 1999) to save Earth. The Cosmos said their goodbyes and with Mothra they departed with Mothra to space to protect Earth and its inhabitants.


    (note: most of the Millenium films are not connected and some are connected to Godzilla films in the Showa era)

    Godzilla, Mothra, and king Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack

    GMK Mothra
    GMK Mothra

    Godzilla, a monster made of the souls who died from the Pacific War, has returned from the death. Due to the demon monsters attack on Japan, the ghost of Hiyotoshi Isayama began to release the Guardian Monsters.

    A group of young cyclists began to cause trouble at Lake Ikeda in Kagashima. They robbed a local store and they were about to kill a dog barking at them. An odd antiquity was overturned, a humanoid statue fell down and the cyclists put the dog in the statue. They continued their misconduct, while a mysterious old man watched them. Their laughter echoed through the night as a boat left from shore. The boat was suddenly flipped over and the humans on the boat were dragged to the bottom. The onlookers watched with horror as a giant monster came from the water. The ancient guardian Mothra killed the onlookers by wrapping them in silk. The dog that was about to be killed was able to escape. Mothra then wrapped itself in a cocoon, preparing for metamorphosis to take place.

    As Mothra was in the cocoon, the guardian Baragon was killed by Godzilla. At sunset Mothra began to rip through its protective layer of silk and appeared in its imago form. Mothra then took to the skies to face the demon beast in combat.

    As Mothra reached Yokohama, the third guardian, Ghidorah, began to awaken. Mothra and Godzilla met and roared at each other. They began to fight and the it was not too long until the third guardian joined the battle. Despite having the number advantages, both guardians fell. The military attacked the saurian monster, but they could not last long. In a last effort to defeat Godzilla, Mothra sacrificed its life to give Ghidorah an advantage. Mothra's energy began to swarm around Ghidorah, transforming him into King Ghidorah!

    Tokyo SOS

    (Note: Tokyo SOS shares continuity with Godzilla(1954), Rodan(1956), Varan(1958), Mothra(1961), Atragon(1963), Dogora(1964), Frankenstein vs Baragon(1965), War of the Gargantuas(1966), King Kong Escapes(1967), Space Amoeba(1970), and Godzilla against Mechagodzilla(2002))

    An unidentified flying object appeared in the night sky. Two F-15s were sent to find the object, but identify it. Strangely the pilots heard singing and contact was lost for both of the jets.

    Thirteen days passed and the unidentified object landed near a cottage in Karuizawa, bringing with it two fairies known as the Shobijin. They were brought there to bring a message that they wanted Shin'ichi Chujo to tell humanity: if the original Godzilla's bones, which were built inside the cyborg Kiryu, were not returned to the sea, the monster Mothra would declare war on civilization. If humanity listened and did send the bones back into the depths the current Godzilla would still attack, but Mothra would defend humanity from the nuclear monster. Outside the cottage Shin'ichi saw the previously unidentified object take flight. This creature was Mothra, a monster who had attacked Tokyo 43 years ago(see Mothra (1961))


    A resilient lineage of benevolent lepidopteran Titans, Mothra was revered by civilizations of old as a just goddess and defended the natural world since ancient times, appearing in folklores and fairy tales worldwide. Mothra was a symbiont of the Alpha Titan Godzilla and fought alongside him in opposition to Ghidorah, his alien rival.

    Mothra's egg was discovered by the scientific agency Monarch in 2009 in a Chinese temple that worshiped her in the Yunnan rainforest, the Temple of the Moth. Mothra later appeared in a mural depicting her and Godzilla's conflict against Ghidorah as proof of the existence of the prehistoric monsters of old.


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