Character » Mothman appears in 38 issues.

    A member of the Minutemen who wore a glider suit that enabled him to fly.

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    Byron Lewis moved from Connecticut to New York. After people began to hear about Silhouette in the 1930s, stories about Mothman also filled the news. His suit gave him the power to glide on air currents; a feat which won much public attention. Later in the 50s - due to the increase in fear of communists in America - the House of UnAmerican Activites Committee wanted to have a look into the background of the masked vigilantes including the Minutemen. Upon discovering that Mothman had many friends who were on the left-wing, life became difficult for him.Eventually however after a long and drawn out battle he gained clearance to act as a super hero once again. After the death of the Minuteman Dollar Bill, Mothman took it hard and began to drink. Eventually he suffered a mental break down and was sent to a mental institute somewhere in Maine. Much later in his life, he did reunite with the Minutemen, but dropped his glass of champagne due to over excitement.


    His suit grants him the ability to glide through the air, thus making him the only member of the Minutmen to have "powers".


    Design wise he resembles Batman and Killer Moth.

    Other media

    Mothman appears in the Watchmen movie. His role is unchanged. His costume's color scheme is different.


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