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Dan and Carol Carter made their place in history in the late 70s as some of the leading minds in working with alien tech from a 1940s crash site and creating the world’s best inventions.   Nikki was their second child; born five years after her older brother because of the parents’ belief their funds couldn’t support two children.   The work with technology allowed them to even have another one year later, Kyle.   Despite being an entire family of Typics, normal humans, the Carters all had an amazing gift with technology.   Nikki and Kyle grew up working on computers at levels that most adults never get close to.

In 1984 Dan and Carol became the technicians behind the League of Seven because of their help in disabling a potentially catastrophic logic bomb.   Thus, the Carter siblings all grew up with Unique playmates despite their status as normal humans.   Nikki closely befriended Hope Sage (later Telepath) and Katie Flynn (later Kid Quick) as their parents spent just as much time hanging out as fighting crime.   When Hope decided to step out on her own as Telepath, Nikki went right behind her as her eyes and ears as Motherboard.

Young Nikki
Young Nikki

When the New York Disaster hit Motherboard knew that most all of her friends were probably dead.   Kid Quick coming out of the wreckage renewed her hope that Telepath may have somehow survived the death of every other psion.   She managed to hack around enough to find where her friend was, held in a Sky-Carrier until she awoke from her coma.   Motherboard decided to monitor Telepath’s condition and she waited for the girl to wake.   As she waited she invented, patented and sold off her inventions to pass the time.   She also created her implants which she did not patent, instead keeping her best invention for herself.

When Telepath awoke Motherboard helped get her back on track.   As Telepath tried to restart her crime fighting, the two of them realized that they needed a team.  Motherboard found the best available for Telepath’s New Guard.

New Guard

Motherboard was all for supporting Telepath’s new team despite their complete lack of initial cohesion.   The team did some initial training in Telepath’s parents’ SAFE room as Motherboard worked the controls and tired to help organize everything.   Despite their initial failures, the team decided to stay together so Motherboard continued to work for them behind the scenes.   When their first public fight against Annihilgator came up she directed them around to make sure no one was left alone if they needed help.

Goth Girls taking a beating
Goth Girls taking a beating

She continued to keep track of everything as the New Guard fought their first real public fight in saving a mall from the Goth Girls.   After the girls get away she worked on trying to track them down and find out who they were against.   Before she finished working, the team took a night off to hang out at a karaoke bar.   Motherboard headed out for food but was attacked by the Goth Girls on the way back.   Despite being powerless, she fought Siphon and Covet for a while before Rage hit her hard enough to knock her out.  She was kidnapped as well as Telepath, Scout, Quake and Michael to bait another superhero team, the Teen Force 3.

Motherboard was kept in a large dog cage in a room with Telepath who had a machine on her to nullify her psychic powers.   She figured that the Girls underestimated her so she frees a wire from her implants and freed herself and Telepath.   They met up with the boy in an attempt to escape and ran into the Goth Girls on their way out.   The team decided to fight the girls as Singe and Kid Quick shows up as Motherboard runs to the computer systems.   She works on uploading incriminating files on the girls and their leader, Jaquelyne Pryde, to the police, however everything is destroyed as Quake takes out the whole building.

To help the team recover from their fight, Motherboard and her geek friends and little brother, along with Singe and Quake all worked on setting up the headquarters as more of a headquarters and less of an empty warehouse.   Once the team arrived they started a barbecue to help relax.   The end of the day went sour, however, since the topic of weather or not the team should be registered started an argument.   

Home base on the fly
Home base on the fly

The next day the argument finally comes to an abrupt end as Telepath decided to try and use her connections to Countryman, a family friend of her and Motherboard who led a government Unique team, to make some kind of deal.   As they arrived they found Taskforce, Countryman’s team, trying to murder the President to take control.   The team worked to stop them with Motherboard organizing everything from a bathroom stall.   Somehow the New Guard managed to take down Taskforce and the President rewarded them with the deal they needed to keep Scout unregistered and appease the anti-government Singe and Quake.

Powers and Abilities

Motherboard's setup
Motherboard's setup

Motherboard is a normal human (a Typic) with no superpowers.  She does, however, have a genius level intellect and a photographic memory.   She is a natural inventor and computer technician who has made inventions that most top-of-the-line geniuses couldn’t have thought of.   This includes her body jacks that allow her to directly interface with and computer and multi-task at the speed of thought.

Personal Data

Height: 5’6” 
Weight: 160 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Dark brown


Known Relatives : Dan Carter (father), Carol Carter (mother), Kyle Carter (younger brother), Ryan Carter (older brother)

Citizenship : U.S.A.
Place of Birth : Unknown
Marital Status: Single  
Occupation: Inventor
Education: Private tutor for the League of Seven children

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