Mother Russia

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    Former bodyguard for the Russian Prime Minister, member of Spentsnaz and the KGB, Mother Russia is a new villain for Justice Forever, hired by The Mother Fucker as a bodyguard and new member of the Toxic Mega Cunts

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    Mother Russia used to work for the the Russian Prime Minister as his bodyguard, until she "accidentally" killed all her fellow bodyguards in a drunken rage for being accused of cheating. She also worked for the main security agency known as the KGB and a former member of "Russian Special Forces" Spetsnaz.

    Joining The Mother Fucker's Toxic Mega Cunts

    After Being recruited in Eastern Europe, Mother Russia become The Mother Fucker's second-in command and the first super-villain to join the Toxic Mega Cunts. She was instrumental in the death of Justice Forever Leader Colonel Stars and his dog.


    During the Battle of Times Square, Mother Russia and the Rest of the Toxic Mega Cunts are Battling Kick-Ass, Hit-Girl and Justice Forever. She battles Hit-Girl and beating her and is about to win and finish her off. Mother Russian getting distracted by Battle Guy and Ass Kicker, gets stabs in the neck. Hit-Girl tells her that she shouldn't turn her back on her, Hit-Girl removes her head, ending her life. Mother Russia's last words were "Mother Fuck--!"

    Other Media

    Mother Russia is going to be portrayed by Olga Kurkulina in the summer of 2013 release of Kick Ass 2: Balls to the Wall movie.


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