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    Character » Mother Mayhem appears in 61 issues.

    She was Brother Blood's love interest & devout pupil. Post Flashpoint, she becomes his successor "Mother Blood".

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    May Bennett was one of the worshippers of the and was chosen personally by the seventh Brother Blood to be his consort. Blood dubbed her "Mother Mayhem" and used her as his right-hand woman.

    Mother Mayhem initially believes that Brother Blood is omnipotent. She is a hostile, cunning villainess, and is the only person besides Brother Blood who is aware of the 's plans and schemes.

    Mother Mayhem often went on missions for Blood, such as capturing Raven after Trigon's defeat. Mother Mayhem never questioned Blood's orders, but became jealous when he focused much of his attention on Raven. While Blood was in power, Bennett became pregnant with his child. After The Church of Blood fell, the very-pregnant May became a target of the Wildebeest. After the Titans rescued her, May gave birth to a baby girl, Jessica. May softened in the end, due to becoming a mother.

    May is currently on good terms with the Titans, especially after they rescued her from Wildebeest.

    Mother Blood
    Mother Blood


    In this era, Sonya Tarinka was a woman without a home & who's only constants were hunger and loneliness. This changed when she was approached by a charismatic man who would introduce himself as Brother Blood. Leading off with food & Shelter, Brother Blood would later introduce his belifes to her & his ties to The Red. Claiming to be more than man, he explained that everything with blood is connected by the Red.... that humans will not only be united under primal laws again but that something much bigger is coming to reset us all. Liking the idea of unity, she stayed despite his unorthodox religous flaws (risque parties with cult members and cermonial cutting) and became a loyal pupil. One of his best.

    Doing her own research, she began to realize the beliefs she thought were plausible theories were becoming more and more undeniable fact. Her research into the Red was fruitful and made her look into an unatural stellar energy. She followed the trail, so well that she was bombarded by it upon predicting it's location.... this energy was Source energy. Starting to develop powers, she ran to her friends to share the news but came to find Brother Blood & all but 6 occultists were taken down by Superheroes. Not to be deterred, she manipulated thwir very bodies to make them super-soliders in order to pick up where Brother Blood left off.

    Preparing to enter 'The Bleed'
    Preparing to enter 'The Bleed'

    Beyond the Universe

    Mother Blood realised The bombardment of Source energy gave her deeper knowledge into the multiverse than her predecessor could ever dream. With the powers of the Red & the knowledge that there was a hole in the source wall, she went on high alert for more Source energy. Detecting a device harnessing ambient source, she sent her minions out to collect intel on the device and its capabilities. Even with interference from the titans, the minions brought back the machine's details & even set it to explode (a fate the Titans thankfully averted). They were now officially on Mother Blood's radar, and with Red users like beast-boy & those knowledgeable about the Source like kyle/natasha they would be perfect targets.

    Looking to take some of the Teen Titans out, Mother Blood sets a trap that sacrifices a town full of people (1,000's) to weaponize their blood into attack constructs. The Titans survive but realize she has to be taken down immediately, which is exactly what she wants. To help them further track her down, she possesses Beast-boy under the guise of the Red and warns them that she is planning something. The group take the bait and head to Unearth... and Mother Blood prepares her trap. At some point in time, she brainwashes Raven's soul self into one of her soliders.

    Unlocking the power of the Multiverse
    Unlocking the power of the Multiverse

    Secrets of the Source

    After luring the Titans to unearth, Mother Blood crosses paths with them and defeats them. Capturing Kyle Rayner & Natasha Irons. She takes Kyles Knowledge of the Source map locations & Natasha's info on Source properties before pushing the red in every realm in the Multiversal map. Brimming with power as it spreads, she defeats the titans again as they try to escape and even and Amped Raven. The only way to stop her was to push her into the bleed, which acts as a Source dampener.

    All the Titans know what to do but no one can break her grasp. Only valiant beast-boy (the one she used & thought on her side) could rush her into the portal, almost dooming them both if not for Raven pulling him out of the infinite space. The Titans closed the portal before she could escape & shot the multiversal map, cutting off her powers and leaving her to float in the realm between Universes. She is not dead, and with such formidable powers of she shouod pop up the Universe is in trouble.

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    Mother blood is one of the most powerful Red Parliament users to date, in great part due to her power's Source based origins. Her abilities include:

    • Taking full control of people with blood, either possessing them like dolls (Beast-boy) or remaking their bodies entirely (her fellow human occultists).
    • Has full control of the Red, meaning she has full control of all life.
    • Able to flood the entire Multiversal Map with her Powers "all Universes, countless worlds". From Limbo to 5D, the multiverse would become united by the Red.... willingly or by force/draining.
    • Able to seperate/Brainwash Raven's soul self.
    • Strong enough to 1-shot the titans & take down amped Raven.

    Other Media


    Teen Titans: The Judas Contract

    Mother Mayhem in Teen Titans: The Judas Contract
    Mother Mayhem in Teen Titans: The Judas Contract

    Mother Mayhem is an antagonist in the film, voiced by Meg Foster. She is Blood's second-in-command, helping him in his experiments. She is in love with him, and ultimately kills him to spare him from prision.


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