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Mother Mayhem is the herald of Universo, her past before this yet unrelieved.


Mother Mayhem created by Erik Larsen.

Character Evolution

Image Universe

Mother Mayhem (Image Universe)
Mother Mayhem (Image Universe)

Mother Mayhem came to Earth with her master Universo, who devour the world just as Dragon's kids and friends escaped the planet.

Savage World Universe

Mother Mayhem (Savage World)
Mother Mayhem (Savage World)

Mother Mayhem approached the Earth and sent back a signal to summon the Devourer of Worlds. The cosmic entity that was later dubbed Universo soon arrived at his next meal, but not before his herald confronted by the Dragon. Mother Mayhem is defeat in battle, before being secured by the rest of the Liberty League.

Major Story Arcs

Savage World Universe

The Death of Mother Mayhem

Over the next few years, Mother Mayhem was kept locked away aboard Vanguard’s spaceship alongside her master. She constantly warned of Universo’s escape and when Mister Glum destroyed the vessel, the pair of them were free to complete eradication of Earth. It was only due to intervention of Solar Man that the planet is save, the ensuing battle resulting in the deaths of both Universo and then Mother Mayhem.

Powers & Abilities

Cosmic Power

Mother Mayhem wields the Power Cosmic, but extent of her abilities has yet to fully revealed.


She possesses great resistance to injury.

Super Strength

She can increase her strength.


She can fly by controlling three flying fetus’ which are permanently connected to her genitals.


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