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    Character » Mother Machine appears in 23 issues.

    Cyborg able to create weaponized microscopic nanocites.

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    Mother Machine was a lieutenant in the Blackhawks when she was captured by Parademons during Darkseid's invasion, with the intent of turning her into another living weapon of Apokolips. While the Blackhawks were able to rescue her before the transformation was complete, she was not the woman they once knew. Her mind was changed, taking on a cunning and ruthless computer like personality while her body had been cyborgified, giving her the ability to manipulate and create 'nanocites' which seed all mechanical forms enabling her total control over machines. She would escape her old teams care and disappear into the wild during the foofaraw between the invaders and Earth 0's burgeoning planetary defenders the Justice League of America.

    Reunion with the Blackhawks

    Five years later, she would have a run in with her former employers again, now as a villain and adversary in charge of a vast underground empire for them to defeat. They believe her dead, but she has backed up her mind on computers around the world, and vowed to return to carry out her plans.

    Clash With The Metal Men

    Having been taken up by the United States Government Dr. Will Magnus and his Metal Men acted as a response team against a host of robotics crisis engineered by a hacker aliased as Nameless who wanted the secrets to they're Responsometer's. Unbeknownst to everyone however, the enigmatic cyber-terrorist was in league with then thought deceased Mother Machine who was the real mastermind behind his actions. As she was actually after the metal men's ability to function properly outside of the internet.

    Powers & Abilities

    Nanocitic Artificial Intelligence

    Due to having been altered by Apokoliptian technologies the entity who came to be known as Mother machine now sports a host of mechanomorphing capabilities, her body is largely made up of memory downloading technorganic microbots that enable her to store personal information, hers or the entire consciousness of another sentient being and transfer it over the WWW and recreate their physical forms from scratch as many times as need be.

    Technomorphing: Unlike most technopaths, Mother can assimilate and reformat any kind of technology into himself as well as cast her own will into it controlling, alternating and reformatting both it and herself into a host of different forms.

    • Computer Interfacing
    • Interactive Holographic Projector
    • Cyberspace/Digiverse immersion

    Nanocyte Manipulation: Mother has the ability to procreate and generate a series of microscopic pico-robotic drones which allow her to infest and manipulate matter from a molecular-subatomic scale. Able to fabricate entire technologically advance cities which change shape & form according the the thoughts and desires of those who they pick the brainwaves from.

    • Shape-Change: Mother Machine has complete and total control over her components allowing her to change and morph any technology she has on hand into whatever she desires at will.
    • Omni-Fabrication: Her nanocites enable Mother to
    • Infection: Mother can bestow portions of her Micro Machines onto another being enabling them a host of post-human physical capabilities.

    Internet Manipulation

    Mother machine is a synergystic human-Artificial Intelligence, a living binary consciousness able to move to and from any computer system in the world. Being a central modem of the global network all her own, through this she can download and store the very life essence of herself and others to be recreated at a later date or exert her control over nay and all electronic devices from a remote location at will.

    Information Manipulation: Mother can store, repurpose and utilize whatever data & knowledge gleaned from a subject stored on her nanobionics at will, storing personal identity to genetic coding on her person for the express purpose of recreating it later.

    • Immortality: Mother can replicate any biophysical info onto any computer system and reintegrate it into a living, breathing replica of the original in mere moments, she can just as easily store hers or anyone else's essential self onto the net in order to refabricate them from scratch anywhere at any time. Thusly granting herself everlasting life through the internet.
    • Collective Consciousness: She and her nanites are inextricably linked and anyone who sports her devices are connected to her through a personalized hive mind.
    • Machine Intelligence: A hyper-clocking robotic mind enables her vast acumen and creative capacity in the usage of her nanotech abilities.
    • Control Manipulation: She can exert her will over anything and everything with a mechanical interface, all she need so is reach out and make contact with the device in question she wishes to manipulate. This also extends to whatever she has infested with her nanotech.


    Orbital Space Station

    Mother possessed a personalized satellite with which she could monitor and tag most any designated area on the planet through her vast cyberpathic abilities. It is invisible to detection by other national sputniks of the world and is large enough to house a small country. It's primary function is the deployment of heavy tungsten rods from outer atmosphere upon designated targets carrying as much if not several times the destructive force of nuclear detonation.

    Nanocyte City Facilities

    Like many if not all of her fabrications, Mother Machine's hidden urban facilities are composed of the same material she and her operatives are composed of. Made of a kind of memory based reprogrammable matter, her base of operations can take the semblance of places people find most comforting to them by scanning their thoughts and transforming according to their inner most desires.


    Mother Machine was created by Blackhawks writer Mike Costa.


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