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    Mosh is a small-time super-villain and big-time crook with superhuman strength and vision.

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    Mosh received superhuman strength after being exposed to chemicals his girlfriend stole from the lab that she worked at. After prolonged exposure to the chemicals, he also developed night-vision. Mosh began using his powers for crime, originally under the codename of Vulture but discovered 'some old geezer' was already using it. He subsequently renamed himself Mosh.


    Mosh was created by Brian K. Vaughan and Kyle Hotz and first appeared in The Hood #2.

    Character Evolution

    Mosh died in his first appearance and has not appeared since.

    Major Story Arcs

    Blood from Stones

    Mosh was called to the offices of Dennis Golembuski, an emerging crime boss, who informed him that a liquor store Mosh had robbed two days prior was under his protection. When Mosh refused to give the money he stole back, Golembuski opted to make an example of him and had one of his enforcers, Madam Rapier, kill him. Rapier sliced Mosh's eyes out with a katana and then served his genitals and stuffed them in his eye sockets.

    Powers and Abilities

    Mosh has superhuman strength and claims he can lift 1000 tons, although this isn't proved. He also claims to have begun developing "night vision" as a side-effect to his exposure to unidentified chemicals.


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