Moses Magnum

    Character » Moses Magnum appears in 101 issues.

    Moses became President of Deterrence Research Corporation, which is the world's independent weapons manufacturing firm. This would lead to several conflicts with heroes. Moses Magnum is an arms dealer, terrorist, and a supervillain

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     Moses Magnum
     Moses Magnum
    Moses Magnum was fascinated with weapons as a youth. When Italy invaded Ethiopia, he joined the invaders against his own people. He eventually became the world’s foremost independent weapons manufacturer. When Magnum’s Deterrence Research Corporation (DRC) was hired to develop a toxic biochemical gas, he tested it on kidnapped innocents. The Punisher and Spider-Man shut down this operation, though Magnum narrowly escaped death. As Magnum Force, he established a mining operation on Katsyu Shima island to tap Earth’s core’s potential energy. His forces abducted geophysicist Amanda Sheridan for her knowledge of the region, but they were opposed by Luke Cage, hired to protect her by Sheridan’s grandmother, whose grandson and his family had been killed by Magnum. Magnum’s drilling triggered a massive earthquake which Cage and Sheridan escaped, but Magnum fell into the drill shaft to his apparent death. He was saved by the mutant conqueror Apocalypse, who gave Magnum seismic powers in return for his servitude. 
    Then later, the roman scientist Tyrannus, and his allies"They Who Wield Power", gave him advanced technology to enhance his strength and power.  He threatened to use this new power to cause earthquakes to try and sink Japan if he was not made ruler. He was stopped, however, by the combined efforts of the X-Men and Sunfire.

    Dark Reign 

    Norman Osborn helped Moses break out of prison in a plot to kill Daken (who had been posing as Wolverine in Norman's Dark Avengers).  In reality the plot was for Daken to subdue him and garner better publicity for himself.  Moses, with the aid from other criminals such as Emmy Doolin, fought Daken back.  However, Moses was almost killed by Daken in the subsequent fight. 

    The Heroic Age

    Magnum surviving form his battle with Daken next showed up in Iron Man/Thor attempting to sell a special satelite he invented..    


    Created by Gerry Conway and Ross Andru.


    Moses Magnum’s body generates seismic force which amplifies his natural strength and attunes him to seismic vibrations. Magnum can unleash this energy to cause minor tremors or devastating earthquakes, though currently he is unable to control it. Prior to his empowerment, Magnum’s weapons included finger-mounted force blasters and knockout gas. Magnum is a talented weapons designer whose creations include the Terrordome weapons platforms and armored Magnum Shell suits. Skilled in business and politics, and a capable tactician. Has been shown to be a skilled hand-to-hand combatant.

    Other Media

    Moses Magnum appears in the Iron Man: Armored Adventures  episode "Panther's Prey." This version is responsible for T'Chaka's death. He manages to steal a piece of Vibranium and plans to give it to A.I.M. for them to make into a harness for their MODOK project. This was thwarted by Black Panther and Iron Man. Magnum does not demonstrate any super powers during this appearance.


    Alternate Realities

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    Moses, alongside his fiancee, Namorita and her minions, killed millions of Japanese when the Silver Samurai refused to make him absolute ruler. But as well in sending a message to the world to recognizing him and Namorita as rulers of Earth by exterminating Japanese civilization. Moses and his fiancee were opposed by the Exiles, who were supposed to allow them to go unhindered in their world domination, but were teleported away after Magik killed the Avengers who were to stop Magnum. He possesess the same powers as his main-stream counterpart.

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