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    Morwen is the first sorceress of Chaos. She battled and was imprisoned by the Ancient One. She has taken the body form of Tess Black the Asgardian daughter of Loki.

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    Morwen the first Sorceress of Chaos Battled The Mystic Mortal The Ancient One but in the heat of the battle he managed to imprison her in a portal
    which nobody knew about. She first appears in The Astonishing Spider-Man issue 131. She was unknowingly released by Spider-Man when he interfered
    with Dr Strange as he was closing a Portal Dimension Dormammu had Opened. In a explosion while The portal was closed by Dr Strange in a powerful spell
    Morwen escaped in a spiritual form and Hosted with Tess Black the Daughter of Loki. it was only later on she actually took over her body and mind
    She found out that the reason she had escaped was because Spider-man interfered. She tracked down Spider-Man and wished to repay him. Spider-man at the time had no idea Who or Where she had come from and when he asked her how is she going to repay him she told him she will Give him the world
    he refused and she disappeared. When she took over the body of Tess Black some of the most powerful entities including Eternity,Heimdall and Evan Loki all said at the same time "I just felt the oddest presence." When Spider-man traveled to the house of Dr Strange but Dr Strange had mysteriously disappeared
    a young boy spoke to Spider-Man telling him i know where Dr Strange is and he wants to speak to you. Spider-Man walked of with him and cracked a joke "You know i was always told as a adult i should never go off with strange children telling me they were sent to look for me and take me somewhere." The child did not understand and when they walked around the corner into a alley and the boy started to glow and turned into Loki. it was him in disguise. Loki tells Spider-Man he will help to take out Morwen But Spider-man refuses,and when a Civilian walks around the corner Loki Blasts a hole through his chest and as the man lays there dying Spider-man is horrified and is told the only way to save him is to Help Loki defeat Morwen Spider-man agrees. Then he meets him on top of a tall building and they begin to discuss there plan. this is were the story goes into The Astonishing Spider-Man issue 132.


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