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Brief History

Senator Morton Clegstead was responsible for the initial construction of Project Greenskin and the Hulkbuster base. Upon learning he had terminal cancer, Senator Clegstead was approached by a Dr. Alvin Lathrop who proposed the theory that the Hulk's radioactive blood would provide a superior form of treatment against the cancer. After being injected with a stolen sample of the Hulk's blood, Clegstead began horribly mutating into an amorphous mass of cancer cells. The tumorous mass consumed Lathrop and began consuming any living thing it came across to sustain it's own life, increasing in size. In the rainy night, the Hulk encountered the creature. The Hulk was unable to harm the formless mass and was nearly consumed.  Grabbing a flagpole, the Hulk skewered the creature and the flagpole acted as lightning rod in the thunderstorm. Having attracted a powerful bolt of lightning, the creature was destroyed, leaving only a scorch mark in it's place. 

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