Character » Mortis appears in 9 issues.

    A woman with mysterious powers that allow her to control those who she touches.

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    After the Birds of Prey's mission in Thailand, they come back to Gotham where Calculator is waiting for them, as well as Oracle. He hires Delores Filmore Louise Stebbins, also known as Mortis: Goddess of the Forgotten Dead, a woman with mysterious powers that allow her to seemingly show anyone she touches their deepest regrets and shame. Her touch has been shown to be so powerful that they cause the person to commit suicide rather then face their inner self. Calculator asks her to demonstrate her gift so she takes the hand of Calculator's associate and all of a sudden, the man breaks into tears as well as a cold sweat and then he charges out of a glass window thus falling to his death.
    When the Birds of Prey are celebrating Dove's birthday at a nightclub, Mortis crashes the party along with Mammoth and a new villain called Current, demanding to know who is Oracle. Lady Blackhawk steps forward to tackle Mortis but she is warned by Mortis that with a single touch from her hand will drive Lady Blackhawk to suicide. Huntress calls on Mortis' supposed bluff and dares Mortis to try it on her.  Mortis refuses to acknowledge Huntress' challenge and offers Black Canary an opportunity to cooperate. However, Dove steps in and identifies herself as Oracle. Barbara then tells the Brids via comm links to engage their opponents but warning them to be careful of Mortis' touch and w ith a single blow Dinah knocks Mortis off her feet. Unfortunately,  Black Canary was so distracted by Mammoth and Current that she failed to notice Mortis approaching from behind. She sends Black Canary into a trance. Mortis, Mammoth and Current take Dove, Huntress and Lady Blackhawk as their prisoners. As she makes her exit, Mortis reveals that once someone falls under her trance, no one ever comes out of it. 
    Black Canary begins to see her dead mother who taunts Dinah over her many tragic losses. Batman (Bruce Wayne) arrives to tend to Black Canary. Oracle informs Batman that Black Canary must be brought to Kord Tower because Dinah is still accused of murder thanks White Canary. Oracle knows the only way Dinah can be free of Mortis' mental torture is for her to face her inner demons head on. Dinah does starts to fight off Mortis' deadly affliction which causes Mortis to have a seizure.        


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