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    Consort of Darkseid, as well as a member of his Elite.

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    The being known as Mortalla began life as a human in the city. She was young and had her whole life ahead of her, but that all vanished when one of Darkseid's minions, Desaad kidnapped the woman by the order's of his master. Along with other mortals, the female was tortured beyond one's imagination as Desaad ravaged her very soul for the anti-life equasion. She was forced to watch others go through the same fate. The lucky ones were killed in the process. Somehow, a small part of her survived the torment.

    Under Darkseid's orders, once again, Desaad "remade" the human into another one of Darkseid's slaves, in the image of Darkseid's deceased lover, the sorceress, Suli. During this time, Desaad gave the woman her name, Mortalla, and boasted of having her soul in his machines.

    Hands of Death and Sleep

    Mortalla had the ability to bestow sleep upon an individual with one hand and cause spontaneous death with the other. These powers where given to her by Darkseid, because he knew she would never use them against him. Often, she would use them and her looks to get things done the way she wants them.

    On Apokolips

    Mortalla is a member of Darkseid's Elite. In her initial appearance, she was identified as Darkseid's third wife, but is later referred to as his mistress. It was revealed that she was so terrified and obedient to Darkseid, that she has stayed in the same room for centuries, afraid to so much as open a door, without her ruler's permission. She eventually gets over this fear after Orion took over Apokolips.


    During the 'Death of the New Gods' storyline she was killed off-panel by the murderer of the New Gods. Her body was found by Superman, Orion, and Mr. Miracle, with her heart missing.


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