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Stupid....But Fun

By The Angry Comic Book Critic
      Okay this's bad but it's an enjoyable bad it's the kinda of bad that makes you think "Wow this film maybe shit but it's the fun and enjoyable kind of shit" To me this film is a Solid Gold Turd that's the Shit is solid gold and the corn's been replaced with I'm really going off topic here aren't I?....oh well tough shit. Now this is by no means a good movie the flow is off at times and the effects are about as good as what you'd find on a Nostalgia Critic or an Angry Video Game Nerd video. I really can't for the life of me figure out why I don't absolutely hate this film it's so bad yet it's just so good I really can't explain I mean I like my share of bad films like Legion, Alien Vs Predator Requiem and Commando but I have reasons for why I like those films like the action or the sheer amount of effort the actors put into there work despite knowing they were in a bad film and when people are troopers like that and give it there all for the sake of there craft I have to give them credit for but with Mortal Kombat I see none of those things but with for some reason it's still fun to watch. Well time to review this shit turd and perhaps I can unlock the mystery as to why I like this movie despite how stupid it is.
      Now Mortal Kombat is one of the Big 4 in classic gaming it is up there with Super Mario Brothers, Doom and Pong it is in the hall of legends for video games even the biggest noobs on the planet to the world of gaming have heard of these games that is just how fucking classic they are now I have to give the film makers credit for actually being able to make a movie out of this game cause this game has little if any story to it and is pretty much just all fighting so to pull an hour and half long film out of your ass that actually has a story to it is pretty fucking impressive. Now the acting in this film is decent at best horrible at worst now the actress who plays Sonya Blade in this I swear to god is the same woman who played the hot teacher in Billy Madision and Arnold Schwarzenegger's daughter in the Last Action Hero...its sad to say those are the high points in her career the rest of her films save for one I've never even heard of...oh well moving on. One of this films biggest problems is that all the big fights like Scorpion Vs Johnny Cage, Lu Kang Vs Sub Zero among others have no set up they just happen no explaination at all they just happen don't as me why I didn't write this shit. But one thing in this film I absolutely love ever since I was a kid was Goro god he has to be my all time favorite character in Mortal Kombat and Kevin Michael Richardson does a great job of voicing him cause something about him just screams in this your fucking dead if you fight this guy...maybe its his four arms....I think I've finally figured it out this is a 90's classic film because it defines the 90's and because I was born in the 90's it's a part of the cultural identity of the time this was when the video game was at the height of it's popularity and it just fits so well into the time of my life that was my childhood I like it because it's one of the films that defined my generation.
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Mortal Kombat

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