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Brief History

Mort was raised in a dysfunctional family causing him to end up as a wimp. He was often bullied by Slick whose girlfriend Kimberley attracted Mort a lot. One day Mort took his father's old-fashioned car at the Konvenience Korner to race against Slick's sport car. Who crosses the railroad first would win. Slick won but the Babylon Express crashed into Mort and killing him. The car's brakes didn't work. He ended up in the Netherworld and met Teen Death who explained him what had happened and takes him back to Earth. His funeral Kimberley reveals her feelings and Mort is enraged. Teen Death teaches him to haunt people. Mort starts to scare all those who disliked and used him.


Mort has ghostlike abilities such as appearing out of nowhere, he can't die again and can take his head off.


Once Quentin Tarantino was supposed to direct a movie adaptation to be released in 2004 and the actors had to be Elijah Wood and Jessica Simpson. But the movie ever happened due to the comic's poor sales.


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