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    Bèvére, Maurice de - "Morris" (1923-2001)

    Belgian comic writer and creator of Lucky Luke. He started drawing the adventures of the lonesome cowboy in 1947 for the French magazine "L'Almanach Spirou". The first story was titled "Arizona 1880". After a seven year's stay in the US, he returned to Europe and collaborated with René Goscinny. With him, he invented those elements that make the typical trademarks of the stories, e.g. the Daltons, the dog rantanplan, or the final scene at sunset.

    Séries principalesdeàRôle
    (Catalogues) Expositions19812000
    (Recueil) Lucky Luke (Album du Journal)19741975
    (Recueil) Pilote (Super Pocket)19681969
    Bd du 3e [millénaire] (La)1999
    Contes de Noël du journal Spirou2020
    Hercule (Collection Super Hercule)1989
    Il était une fois... Les Belges1980
    Kid Lucky1995
    Lucky Luke19492019
    Lucky Luke (16/22)19781980
    Lucky Luke (Albums triples France Loisirs)2012
    Lucky Luke (Autres)19962016
    Lucky Luke (en breton)19762015
    Lucky Luke (Intégrale Dupuis/Dargaud)1983
    Lucky Luke (Pub et Pastiches)19712012
    Lucky Luke (Publicité Tonimalt)1969
    Lucky Luke (Tout connaître en s'amusant)19841985
    Lucky Luke - Les Dessous d'une création (Atlas)2012
    Rire c'est rire1995
    Rocky Luke1985
    Albi sprint1970
    Batman Incorporated (2011)2011
    Classici del fumetto di Repubblica (I)1975
    Kid Lucky (en anglais)20182020
    Lucky Luke (16/22) (en portugais)19791980
    Lucky Luke (en allemand)19792014
    Lucky Luke (en anglais)19812021
    Lucky Luke (en espagnol - éditeurs divers)19631978
    Lucky Luke (en italien)19982002
    Lucky Luke (en langues étrangères)19712015
    Lucky Luke (en néerlandais)1967
    Lucky Luke (en portugais - divers éditeurs)19672006
    Lucky Luke (en portugais - Público/ASA)2006
    Lucky Luke (Público/ASA, 2e série)2013
    Lucky Luke - Coleccionable Lucky Luke2006
    Lucky Luke Classics (en espagnol - Ediciones Kraken)20132016
    Rantanplan (en portugais)19891992

    Born in 1923, Maurice de Bevere, known as Morris, is a Belgian cartoonist and scriptwriter. Creator in 1947 of the Lucky Luke series, its eponymous hero and its universe, he also created Rantanplan in 1987, as well as the Lucky Productions editions, to promote his work, in 1990. In 1992, he was awarded the Grand Special 20th anniversary prize from the Angoulême Festival, in tribute to his career, and he was made an Officer in the Order of Arts and Letters in 1998. Morris died in 2001, at the age of 77. It was in Kortrijk, on December 1, 1923, that Maurice de Bevere, known as "Morris", was born, one of the founding fathers of comics. After the baccalaureate and law studies, he learned the technique of animation thanks to the drawing lessons of Jean Image and he soon joined the Compagnie Belge d'Actualités, a cartoon studio where he met André Franquin , Eddy Paape and Peyo. In 1945, he was asked to illustrate the humorous newspaper Le Moustique, of which he produced no less than 250 covers. It was precisely at this time that he decided to choose the pseudonym of Morris to script and draw the first humorous adventures of Lucky Luke. These appear for the first time - under the title Arizona 1880 - in the Almanac Spirou 1947. Lucky Luke is the solitary cowboy with a big heart, he is also the perfect imperturbable and sympathetic vigilante, always accompanied his wise and inseparable companion, Jolly Jumper, and the dumbest dog in the West, Rantanplan. Around them, Morris creates a whole series of picturesque characters to which he mixes great figures of the American West: the four Daltons, beasts and villains, Billy the Kid, Judge Roy Bean, Calamity Jane, as well as others historical personalities like the illustrious actress Sarah Bernhardt. Lucky Luke very quickly placed itself at the forefront of the essentials of international comics, thanks to the simple, expressive and highly effective graphics of its creator. From 1948 to 1955, Morris traveled the United States with his friends André Franquin and Joseph Gillain (Jijé). There he frequented the parody comic book specialists of Mad magazine: Kurtzman, Davis and Wood. He met René Goscinny in New York, whom he hired as a screenwriter on his return to Europe. These two sacred monsters of the ninth art will collaborate with passion until the death of Goscinny in 1977. Twenty screenwriters will then assist Morris and to date, the adventures of Lucky Luke can be counted in nearly 90 albums translated into thirty languages and printed in hundreds of millions of copies. Morris has a devouring passion for cinema that he shared for the first time with Lucky Luke in 1971 in Daisy Town, with the complicity of René Goscinny, Pierre Tchernia and Claude Bolling (Studio Belvision, Brussels). Other feature films followed in 1978, La Ballade des Daltons (Studio Idefix, Paris) and in 1983 Les Daltons en cavale (Studios Hanna-Barbera, Los Angeles). In 1984, a series of 26 26-minute cartoons based on Lucky Luke's albums was produced for television by Gaumont, Hanna-Barbera and France 3. In 1991, Dargaud Films, I.D.D.H. and France 3 in turn released a second series of 26 episodes, while Terence Hill played the solitary cowboy in ten Lucky Luke films. The ever-growing reputation of Lucky Luke leads to derivative products, the variety of which prospers day by day: stuffed animals, puzzles, toys, clothing, shoes, school items, watches, figurines, etc. With the characters from his universe, Rantanplan and the Dalton, Lucky Luke frequently finds himself at the heart of advertising campaigns, product lines and multimedia adaptations. He created the Rantanplan series in 1987, initially scripted by Jean Léturgie and Xavier Fauche. In 1990, Morris founded Lucky Production, which has taken the name Lucky Comics today, in partnership with Dargaud editions. Holder of numerous distinctions, Morris particularly appreciates the medal that the World Health Organization presented to him in Geneva in 1988, for having taken away from Lucky Luke his eternal cigarette. Another exceptional tribute: on June 27, 1992, the Académie des Grands Prix awarded him the special Grand Prize for the 20th anniversary of the Salon International de la Bande Dessinée in Angoulême: it was the consecration by his peers. It was therefore quite naturally he who presided over the international events for the Centenary of Comic Strips in 1996, especially since, an accomplished polyglot, he spoke some seven or eight languages. The fiftieth anniversary of Lucky Luke in 1997 is celebrated in France, Belgium and Switzerland, as in Germany, from Portugal to the Scandinavian countries, by a multitude of animations which found their crowning glory in Paris on September 10, 1997: either day for day , 50 years after Morris created the famous iconic design of the lonesome cowboy riding away into the western setting sun. On October 20, 1998, the French Minister of Culture and Communication appointed Morris to the rank of Officer in the Order of Arts and Letters. We can also point out that the choice of the name "Ninth Art" for the comic strip is his, just like the expression "faster than his shadow" (Le Robert - Dictionary of Expressions) abundantly used in contexts as multiple as varied. Morris died on July 17, 2001, at the age of 77.


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