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    A fiesty 300-year old succubus who just wants to have fun, at first. Eventually, however, she accepts her responsibility as the next ruler of the Makai Realm after her father Belial's death.

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    Videogame Origin

    Morrigan was deemed too powerful by her father Belial, and her power was split into three. One part she got to keep, the second Belial kept and the third was sealed away. The third part eventually became Lilith. After the death of Belial, Morrigan became one of the rulers of the Makai and the head of the Aensland family, although she was adopted.

    Although the responsibilities inevitably fall on her shoulders, Morrigan continues to hide from her troubles in the human world. When Jedah's castle merged with hers, Morrigan sensed Lilith within the merged castles, collectively called the Majigen, and ventured forth to find her. When the two met, they merged into one, thus Morrigan reclaimed the second third of her born power.

    Afterwards, Morrigan learned that her old enemy, Demitri Maximoff, had been revitalized. She used this as an opportunity to test her newly reclaimed power and challenged him. Although she defeated him quite quickly, Demitri was able to teleport away and restore his strength, waiting for the right time to strike.

    Comic Origin

    Morrigan was adopted by Belial and he dubbed her his future heir but foresaw in her future a long, arduous battle between her and Demitri Maximoff, who would seem to have the upper hand but Morrigan came from the attack unscathed and defeated him and simply smiled. Belial was afraid that if left unchecked Morrigan's full power would consume and kill her.

    After the vision, Belial took it upon himself to seal half of her powers away, which later became the form of Lilith. Morrigan grew and eventually became bored with her home, so she snuck into the human world having fun by trading "Eternal Bliss" for the souls of men.

    She returns to find out a horrible secret from her father. Finally realizing her destiny, Morrigan left to prove herself by going to take down Demitri for the last time, meanwhile, being tracked by the Hutzil robot minions of Pyron.

    Powers and Abilities

    Video Games

    Morrigan, being a succubus has the power of seduction. The bats that cover her body shapeshift into wings and projectile attacks. She also lives longer than mortal beings. Despite being able to drain human's souls in order to stay alive, Morrigan prefers to feed herself with enjoyment and excitement, which allow her to secred a liquid from her body to keep herself alive.


    Morrigan is an immortal succubus of 300 years old with many supernatural powers, she can also transform herself and her outfits, but can be revealed by mirrors. She has the power to seduce men and drain their souls, however, she can put their souls in a state of eternal bliss and pleasure. When she merges with Lilith, Morrigan becomes a dangerous force able to withstand the strongest of attacks and able to deal them out as well.


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