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    A shape-shifting mage and witch of the wilds, Morrigan is the daughter of the famous Flemeth of legend.

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    Morrigan is a witch of the wilds and mage who lived in the Korcari Wilds raised by her mother Flemeth for most of her early life. Her mother Flemeth having a reputation for being a powerful and ancient witch, she raised Morrigan in isolation which fostered a sense of distrust and xenophobia within Morrigan towards others.

    Morrigan's life is greatly altered when she encounters a group of Grey Warden's investigating Korcari Wilds, including the individual simple known as the Warden and another Grey Warden Alistair. With Flemeth's insistence she would depart with them to save the world from a Blight.


    Morrigan is a character from the Dragon Age franchise, primarily a video game series, Dragon Age is a role-playing game set in a fantasy setting, with many staples of fantasy, dragons, magic, dwarfs and elves commonplace. Morrigan was introduced in the first game of the series Dragon Age Origin and featured as one of the main protagonists of the plot.

    Dragon Age and its characters, Morrigan included are created by Bioware. Dragon Age stories have also entered into the realm of comic books, Morrigan also appearing in such materials.

    Character Evolution

    One of Dragon Age's most popular and beloved character's for her strong, cold and sardonic personality, Morrigan initially appears quite callous and blunt before eventually becoming only a little less callous but still as blunt.

    Major Story Arcs

    Meeting the Grey Wardens

    Morrigan observes a group of Grey Warden recruits as they approach the Korcari Wilds as a part of their initiation. Following them in a transformed animal state Morrigan quietly observes with them unaware of their presence. At some stage she makes her presence known to the group, learning that they are Grey Warden recruits. A few of them are suspicious of her and ask her about some Grey Warden documents they are searching for, she mentions her mother and then leads them to her. Flemeth assists them and they part ways after.

    Joining the Warden

    A massive battle between the Grey Wardens, the forces and armies of the Ferelden kingdom against the Darkspawn would ensue, but the betrayal by Teyrn Loghain, would lead to most of the Grey Wardens present being killed including the Warden Commander Duncan, as well as the deaths of King Cailan and most of Ferelden's forces. Only the Warden and Alistair were spared as they were on a separate mission, and also rescued by Flemeth.

    Morrigan would met the two Grey Warden's and assist with their recovery process. Flemeth would speak of the danger and threat of the upcoming Blight and request her daughter Morrigan accompany the two Grey Wardens whose objective was to end the Blight. Morrigan would be hesitant at the idea, but would eventually agree thereby going with the Warden and Alistair on their mission.

    Physical Characteristics

    • Height: 5'8"
    • Weight: 128 lbs
    • Eyes: Amber
    • Hair: Black

    Powers and Abilities

    Morrigan's magic
    Morrigan's magic

    Morrigan is a mage and shapeshifter, able to transform into various creatures she has observed. Trained by Flemeth, Morrigan is also an extremely powerful and proficient mage, further refined and enhanced by her own drive and will to develop her powers and abilities. She has elemental powers as well as spells that call on primal energy, entropic energy, spirit energy.

    Telepathic powers and the ability to disorientate, shock, freeze, burn, electrocute, confuse and drain the life-force of enemies. In combat Morrigan will have a tendency to transform into either a bear or spider. She has also been known to take the form of various birds and dogs. Morrigan uses a staff to channel her powers.

    Other Media

    Video Games

    Dragon Age Origins (2009)

    Morrigan appears in the first game in the Dragon Age franchise, Dragon Age Origins. She appears as one of the main characters of the game, specializing in magic and arcane knowledge. She is also an apostate mage, and witch of the wilds. She is a romance option, and she is voiced by Claudia Black.

    Dragon Age Inquisition (2014)

    Morrigan returns to the franchise's third game, this time not as a playable party member, instead as a supporting role. She is once again voiced by Claudia Black.


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