Character » Morpheus appears in 17 issues.

    A Moon Knight's enemy whom undertook an untested treatment, transforming him into the hideous Morpheus with hallucinary powers.

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    Robert Markham had a rare viral infection that affected his DNA. His disease was completely unknown, an uncontrolled breakdown of chromosomal structure.

    He approached Dr. Peter Alraune Jr (brother of Marlene Alraune) for a cure. Dr. Peter warned him regarding an experimental drug and the risks. This drug had severe side effects in that Robert was grotesquely transformed into the physical appearance he has now and that he can never sleep.

    Going by the name of Morpheus, the stuff of which nightmares are made, after the Greek god of dreams. This is because of the nature of his powers.

    Thanks to the effects of the drug, that psychic dreamstuff has become tangible, physical energy he called Ebon energy. With no longer being able to sleep, after the deprivation of every sleep cycle, it builds up, charged him with dark power (destructive psionic powers) which must be released so his psionic powers will not build up and backfire upon himself.

    He became a deranged demon of darkness, his powers trascendent in the night. He considers himself a master of sleep and dreams. He was able to shape his dark energy into a rope, lassoing his enemies.

    Morpheus held Peter Alraune responsible for his deformity and wishes to hunt him down, but Moon Knight defeated him and he was then put into a medically induced coma to stop the build up of the psionic powers.

    During this time Morpheus builds a psychic connection with Peter, and using Peter as a vessel he projects nightmares into the minds of many people. After another confrontation, Peter sacrifices himself to stop Morpheus' powers, causing a large explosion.

    Later he teams up with Black Spectre and Bushman to again try and defeat Moon Knight but again he fails.


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