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Morphea is a member of the Canopian race.  Canopians live a hive-like existence, raised in group homes (referred to as Creches) instead of families and subservient to a hive queen.  Unlike other members of her race Morphea felt lonely and isolated as a child, craving love and family, both of which were unknown in her culture.

During a psychic attack by Psyklop Morphea experiences a flashback to a  childhood memory, in which she briefly ran away from the cold existence of her group home. Acting on a desperate longing Morphea fled the creche, mindlessly wandering the streets of an unamed Canopan community looking for love and validation.  The authorities quickly recovered Morphea and brought her to the hive queen for punishment.  The hive queen attempted to to erase Morphea's identity, only to be overcome by her will power and sense of self.

Morphea went on to study cybertronics, psychology and psychic control and techniques, eventually joining the Atari Institute psychic research staff.  There Morphea became Martin Champion's doctor, treating his paranoia and obssessive belief in the Dark Destroyer.  During this time Morphea also encountered Babe, an Eggite child kidnapped and used as slave labor by an unethical freight ship captain.  When Morphea discovered Champion's efforts to steal Scanner One to pursue the Dark Destroyer she agreed to cooperate in exchange for his help rescuing Babe.

During the team's adventures Morphea acted as the group's medic, peacemaker and surrogate mother figure.  In addition to caring for Babe she attempted to help care for the Tazlings after Taz gave birth. 

Powers and Abilities

Although consistantly described as an empath, Morphea demonstrated clear telepathic powers, with the ability to read minds and sense emotions at a distance.

Morphea also demonstrated an impressive ability to use her psychic powers in an offensive capacity.  During an attempt to rescue Chris Champion (also know as Tempest) from the Destroyer's ship Morphea overcame the Destroyer's torturer, Psyklop, in a psychic battle.  During the team's ultimate confrontation with the Destroyer Morphea played a key role in overpowering his army of followers, "mind stinging" multiple attackers into unconsciousness at a time.

Racial Characteristics

Canopians are green and tall by human standards.  Morphea's profile describes her height as 3.55 meters; if accurate that would make her over 11 feet tall.  Morphea is also quite strong; she is able to carry the wounded Tempest without apparent effort.  Canopians also mature at a much slower rate than humans; although 66 years old by human standards she describes her age as 25 in human terms.


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