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    Morningstar, aka Jeanette Crain, a Los Angeles homicide detective who had burned to death while confronting a serial arsonist; she received various fire-related abilities, including pyrokinesis and an immunity to fire.

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    When Jeanette Crain died in an arsonist's fire, the elemental spirit of fire refused to allow her to pass on to the next life. Imparting to her control over the element of fire, the spirit resurrected Crain as the Elemental Morningstar and called her to stop the evil Lord Saker from unleashing the powers of the Shadowspear to destroy the world.

    There were three others who also had gone through the same transformation. Jeff Murphy a former Army helicopter pilot who now controlled the air currents themselves. Tommy Czuchra is the thirteen year old son of an archaeologist who was killed during an avalanche now returned and able to turn into a rock golem. And finally Rebecca Golden, an affluent Jewish debutante, died at age 18 when she drown in a yachting accident, now an emerald mistress of the waters. Together they formed the team calling themselves the Elementals, forced to deal with their new reality as so called superheroes.

    Morningstar lead the team of Elementals in the battle against Saker and, after his defeat, the resurgences of evil resulting from the Shadowspear storming over the world. As the first publicly recognized superheroes in the world, Morningstar and her fellow Elementals enjoyed a certain celebrity status after the defeat of Lord Saker. Action figures, cartoon shows, and comic books were made to market the team, as well as talk show appearances and autograph sessions. During the peak of their popularity, Morningstar even posed as a Playboy centerfold.


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