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    Proper Japanese Title: モーニング

    Morning (originally titled Comic Morning from 1982-1991) is one of Kodansha's weekly manga anthologies aimed at an adult male audience. Notably, while most long-running manga magazines have direct parallels from other publishers (often releasing on the same day and even debuting around the same time), Morning doesn't explicitly have one and targets a much wider age range for adult males than other magazines tend to. Many of Morning's key authors and serializations carry over from before the name-change with the biggest continuations from this 80's era including Kōsaku Shima, Cooking Papa, Kaiji Kawaguchi and Kei Sadayasu.

    In the late 90's Morning became the home to Takehiko Inoue (after he dramatically left Weekly Shonen Jump) and his Vagabond serialization became one of the best-selling manga of all-time through the 00's, although it was serialized sporadically and has been on hiatus for a decade. This 00's era brought in a new generation of long-running hit manga including Giant Killing, Uchū Kyōdai and Kami no Shizuku.

    The magazine has a number of serializations that are not actually published weekly including several of its major ones, its also been known since its early days for bringing in some authors otherwise associated with shojo or josei manga like Kazumi Yamashita, Fumi Yoshinaga or Moyoco Anno.

    Although most of the spin-off magazines were established during the Comic Morning era (including Afternoon or special issues like Party), for a couple decades a third-magazine ran as well (Evening 2001-2023) and there was crossover between the various magazines over the years in authors and serializations. Morning's most prominent special issue during this era was Morning two (2006-2022) and with Two's move to a digital-only platform, Morning currently has no ongoing special issues.


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