Morning Star

    Character » Morning Star appears in 9 issues.

    Morning Star is a Russian superhuman and former member of Bogtyri. Morning Star has the ability to fly, generate light and flame.

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    Marya Meshkov was a young geologist who unearthed strange, glowing fragments while investigating the impact site of the mysterious fireball that struck Siberia in 1908. Over time, her exposure to these fragments gave her the power of flight and the ability to generate heat, light and flame, and she adopted the costumed identity Zvezda Dennista (Morning Star).

    Russian superhero

    She soon joined the team Bogatyri; named for the "valiant champions of elder days" of Russian folklore. The Bogatyri are a group of Russian superhumans who refused to accept the dissolution of the former Soviet Union and continued to war on its enemies.

    Though the Soviet Union had broken up, Bogatyri remained loyal to the defunct Soviet regime. Banding together under unrevealed circumstances as the Bogatyri, they recruited a group of soldiers and scientists who shared their Soviet loyalties. Their combined forces used a high-tech hovercraft to slip past radar and attack a U.S.- Canadian D.E.W. (Distant Early Warning) station at Bathurst Inlet in Canada's Northwest Territories. Slaughtering the station's staff, the Bogatyri reached their goal, an experimental rapid-refrigeration crystal which had been secretly developed and tested at the site before that project's funding was cut. 

    Meeting the Avengers

    Having already developed similar technology of his own, Bogatyri's Dr Volkh and his scientists quickly completed the "quick-freeze crystal" and unleashed it, hoping to bury North America in ice; however, their plot was thwarted through the combined efforts of the Avengers, Wolverine and U.S.-Canadian military forces. The crystal was neutralized and the four Bogatyri barely escaped, though their support team was captured.

    Later, the Bogatyri reportedly reached some sort of understanding with post-Soviet Russian authorities, cooperating with Russia's new regime. Unwilling to accept this compromise, Morning Star resigned, becoming a solo superhuman mercenary. She moved to Demonica, the new Pacific island nation created and ruled by criminal mastermind Doctor Demonicus, serving as one of his elite superhuman enforcers alongside Ulysses Klaw and the Pacific Overlords.

    She and Klaw forcibly retrieved Demonica defector Kuroko from the custody of the Avengers, starting a rivalry with the Avengers' superpatriotic US Agent in the process.

     The kiss
     The kiss

    When she learned that Demonicus had fallen under the sway of the demon Raksasa and was planning to destroy the world as they knew it, Morning Star formed an alliance with US Agent and a reluctant Klaw against Demonicus and his Overlords. The anti-Demonicus forces prevailed, Raksasa was prevented from manifesting on Earth, and Demonica sank after Klaw and US Agent accidentally undermined its foundation.

    Demonicus, his Overlords and Klaw went down with the island, but the rest of the population evacuated safely. US Agent invited Morning Star to leave the sinking island with him given how far she was from home; but while she admitted they had worked well together, the anti-Western crusader opted to fly off alone, under her own power. She did, however, give a surprised US Agent a parting kiss, saying they might meet again as friends or foes.

    Powers and Abilities 

    Her blasts have proven sufficiently strong to kill a polar bear with a single hit and knock out Wonder Man, who is nearly invulnerable.  


    Morning Star was created by Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas and David Ross in 1992 and first appeared in Avengers West Coast # 87. 


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