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Morning Glories: For a Better Future Review

Nick Spencer would however produce some of his best work in this volume and it’s easy to tell how it’s gained the praise it gets. The suspense and drama on top of the unique setting makes this a very spontaneous and exciting tale that keeps you questioning what will happen next, whilst also making you want to read more when you’ve finished it. Spencer also would do a great job of not only introducing all these new characters, but at developing them, as after the six issues in this collection you already get a certain perspective towards the characters, as well as also having certain expectations of their future.

The artwork in this story would also be amazing, with Joe Eisma producing some outstanding work. The detail throughout is overall very consistent, but it would be the layout that would make it really stand out, with it adding a lot more intensity and excitement to the story. Eisma’s artwork was however not quite perfect, with the facial expressions having the odd awkward moment. This would however not overshadow the overall quality of Eisma’s art, as it would add a lot of quality to Spencer’s already brilliant script.

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