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An Innovative & Ambitious Thriller 1

The Story:  Six students arrive at a prep school and before long, they realize things aren't what they seem and that something else more sinister is going on.  My Thoughts:  Nick Spencer does a brilliant job scripting this story that immediately sucks you into this world he's created. You can tell he's really planned and thought this out over time which results in a truly innovative story. I don't think I've had the pleasure of reading anything of Spencer's before now, but after reading this I'm...

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Lucifer is up in the morning. 18

*Short Review* Morning Glories simply is a great new series and I would recommend this psychological thriller to anyone who likes a well layered story. The trade is $10 USD, not a whole lot considering how good the book is. *The Invisible decode*  Morning Glories is great because of all the layers in this book.  On a basic level is it a great drama story with more and more questions to be asked.  The deeper you dig the better the series gets.  Recommended reading to enhance this series would be ...

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Gn Review -- Morning Glores, v.1: For a Better Future / Nick Spen 0

Originally posted on my blog, The Comics Cove, not too long ago...I'd heard good things about Morning Glories before I picked up volume 1--basically comparisons to Lost and George Owell's works--but they still didn't prepare me for how thoroughly the story gripped me and simply wouldn't let go. This suspenseful and character-driven story proved an enjoyable read, and the fact that it's an ongoing from Image means I may have to play catch-up before delving into the current issues.The story center...

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Morning Glories? 0

The concept behind Morning Glories has been done in books, movies, TV shows and comics over and over and over. The idea that a few young people - usually teens - get sent to / accepted by / taken to some lab/school where they are studied / trained / manipulated and generally exploited by bad people. It was common in 70s Horror movies like The Fury, and 80s comics like Mai, the Psychic Girl, and of course the X-Men / New Mutants series of titles.And honestly there is nothing that jumps out about ...

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I Think I'm Late to the Party 1

I know the Morning Glories craze has probably come and gone already but I have been intrigued by this book since I first saw some promos for it, somehow in all that time I never even learned what the premise of the book was but I convinced myself I was going to read it eventually and now, here I am. Having read the first six issues and planning on reading more...that said, I think right off the bat I'd like to say I'm not excited to read more.With everyone loving this book so much I might have l...

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Surprisingly awesome 0

To be honest, I didn't plan on reading Morning Glories. I only did so because a friend of mine loaned me the first three volumes of the series and recommended I try them, and since I have crazy huge amounts of free time right now I decided why the hell not, and gave this book a read.Holy crap, it wasn't what I'd expected. I figured it'd be something like gossip-girl-meets-private-school in comic form; while I can't in all fairness say that I was wrong, due to the fact that I've never watched any...

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Welcome to the School of Nightmares! 0

Introduction: I have read so many comics from Image Comics and I have been enjoying many of them so far! So, I stumbled upon this new series written by Nick Spencer called “Morning Glories Volume One: For a Better Future” and this is honestly my first comic book that I had read by Nick Spencer. Now, when I first saw this comic book, I actually thought that this series was something similar to the premise of “X-Men” where the main characters have special powers and learn how to control them. ...

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Morning Glories: For a Better Future Review 0

Nick Spencer would however produce some of his best work in this volume and it’s easy to tell how it’s gained the praise it gets. The suspense and drama on top of the unique setting makes this a very spontaneous and exciting tale that keeps you questioning what will happen next, whilst also making you want to read more when you’ve finished it. Spencer also would do a great job of not only introducing all these new characters, but at developing them, as after the six issues in this collection you...

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