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Morning Glories #6

Zoe decides to ditch the Alex and the gang and cozy up with the popular kids. What better way to break into the upper crust than by becoming an all powerful cheerleader? Her initiation into their ranks provides some insight into her past, the events of the present, and some unsettling possibilities for the future. 
The Good  
This title's gone form $3.50 to $2.99. God is good, folk 

I mentioned in an earlier review of this title that each of these kids could be defined by a basic "type". Well, Zoe's the resident Bitch/Man-eater. This issue she's as catty and scathing as ever, but unlike issues past we get some answers as to why she has such a tough exterior. The reveal of her earliest memory really helps to humanize her and make the reader connect with her on a deeper level. 
One of the biggest appeals and frustrations of this series is how close to the chest Spencer plays it. The name of the game is mystery and while he sprinkles little bread crumbs to keep us trekking through his forest, he never lets us know too much. The big question that's I've been unable to answer up til now was "why?" Why is the Morning Glories Academy gathering these kids? Zoe is by far the most mysterious of the Glories, but the reveal on her past finally gives valuable clue to what Ms. Daramount and the Academy are after. Turns out that as a child Zoe had precognitive abilities as well as other special abilities. For example, she's discovered in India by mysterious man named Abraham, whom she speaks to in perfect English, never having heard the language in her life.   
Zoe has a really dark and checkered past and the revelation about one of the darker things she's done is truly shocking.  Even more shocking and disturbing is what she does at the end of this issue, just when we think we're getting a good handle of who she is Spencer fully flips the scripts on us and I love it. All this time I've been worried about Jade's mental stability but now Zoe's definitely the one I'll be keeping an eye on. 
As always, the art team comes correct and have a superb chemistry with Spencer's writing.  

The Bad  
Waiting for the next issue of this series will be Torture 

After Lost, the 1 answer which opens up 100 more questions thing may be too much for some people to go through again.  
This issue's no place to jump in. It's in your best interest to know the characters and this series to fully enjoy this issue. The Trade collecting all six prior issues' out now and it's only 9.99 so do yourself a solid and hunt that down,I assure you you'll not be disappointed. And you'll be able to discuss this series with all the totally hip guys like myself at your local shop!!! 

The Verdict  
If you're not reading this title (shame on you by the way) and want to get into it then you should definitely buy the aforementioned excellent and affordable trade as well as this issue, lock yourself a way for a while and read like your life depended on it!!! Spencer's perfected the art of baiting the reader in with tantalizing morsels of information about these characters. Every time I finish an I have to immediately go back and read it again. Spencer does his best work when he's given room to focus on one character. A great example of this are the member back up features in T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents. Like those I can't wait to see which Glory he focuses on next.  

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