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Zoe's mystery


This is a beginning of a new story arc and I think this story arc is suppose to make the readers learn more about our six main characters in the series. So, it made me excited to see that Zoe was the first one to start out the story arc and let us see more about her. This meant that this cover got me excited.


Zoe is angry at Casey that she did not get filled in on the plan from the story arc before. Zoe goes out of their room and meets a cheerleader names Amanda. Zoe wants to join the cheerleading team to get higher on the food chain in the school. The only thing she has to do to get in to the school is answer 3 simple questions and as she answers those questions a lot of her past gets revealed. The last question though was who David is. Zoe runs before she answers. Amanda tells the headmaster of what went on. Then Amanda is killed by Zoe.

Best Part

The best part of this series is the element of mystery. I am going to keep saying this until either the series gets cancelled or the mystery ends and both I do not think will happen anytime soon. This issue gives us a glimpse of who Zoe is all about. We get to learn things that we never knew about her. One thing that sticks out the most is that she knows things that she has never learned in her life. In the beginning of the issue she knows a man’s name she had never met and knew English even though she was never taught it. Everyone has something special in this school and I think this is what is special about Zoe and I can’t wait to learn more about her character.

Worst Part

There was no worst part in the story.


I love this art. With most mystery stories we get art that is very dark but I am glad that this story did not go that direction with their art. I feel like the art is very unique for the story.

Pick it up or not

Pick it up!!!!!!

5 out of 5 

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