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Morning Glories: P.E. Review

Nick Spencer yet again does a fantastic job of adding mystery to this series, by making you ask new questions, and changing the overall tempo of the series slightly. Spencer also yet again goes deeper into the characters personalities, creating some brilliant new developments. Spencer also creates a terrific overall plot to the volume, making it feel self contained at the same time, thus making it new reader friendly. Added to that the way that he continues to tie all the sub plots together alongside the supernatural tone of the series and you can't help but want to read more and more of this great series.

The artwork from Joe Eisma is much the same as it's been throughout the entire series, and it's this consistency along with the overall tone that makes it appeal as much as it does. Eisma adds a lot of depth and energy to the story through his layouts, with them also helping Spencer's script to flow smoothly. Eisma also handles the characters facial expressions perfectly as well, adding a lot of emotion and intensity to the volume. The colours from Alex Sollazzo also give the perfect final tone to the volume, having a very dark and gritty feel to it.

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