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The Mystery Continues!

The Story: 

As the mysteries of the Morning Glories Academy slowly unfold, so do the secrets of the students past lives. 

My Thoughts:

Nick Spencer is not your average writer. He's quickly gained attention with this series which happens to be his first monthly on-going. He's written other works but none have received the amount of attention Morning Glories has and for good reason. Nick Spencer's talents as a writer really shine in this second trade. I was sold after reading the first trade but now I'm in love with Morning Glories.

From beginning to end this trade was phenomenal. I don't even think I could pick out my favorite issue. I enjoyed every single one of them. I liked how each issue focused on a different student. I enjoyed that method of storytelling as Nick Spencer filled in readers more about these students lives before they arrived at the academy. The flashbacks are nicely intertwined with the present storyline and even though Spencer focuses on one characters past each issue, the issues aren't strictly limited to that one character. The main story still advances, just certain elements of that characters past come into play in the present. A lot of these characters had shocking revelations revealed. We also learn a little more about this academy and a few new characters are introduced in the process. I like how each character has their own distinct traits and characteristics. No two characters are alike. A lot of the fun that comes from this series is watching how they all interact with each other and how they handle the different obstacles that arise. Spencer does a solid job writing them all and making you like and care for each character. Hunter is a character I initially thought was a pushover and a loser, but then Spencer starts developing his character and surprise surprise, suddenly he's become interesting. That's just one example. As I've said, each character was defined a little more in this second arc. Zoe and Jun were the most surprising for me. Just when you think you're starting to figure things out, Nick Spencer hits you with a curve ball. This series is notorious for mystery and suspense which never seem to run out. Spencer knows how to keep you coming back for more. 

I've loved Joe Eisma's artwork since the first time I read an issue of this series. It's very simplistic yet very classy. One thing he's great at is facial expressions. He's one of the best at them. You can read a characters reaction and thoughts right off their faces. I noticed sometimes Spencer lets Eisma tell the story visually which I like seeing from time to time. I love how the coloring style switches during the flashbacks to an almost sepia-like tone. Colorist Alex Sollazzo deserves a great deal of recognition for his work. His colors are incredibly vibrant and full of energy. Rodin Esquejo's covers are the perfect match for this series and I'm glad this time they included them in the trade.

This series has been described as the Runaways meets Lost, which I think is probably the best way to describe it. Certain elements of both of those series are alive and unfolding in Morning Glories. That's not to say it's an unoriginal series, but you can't help but draw comparisons to those other series while reading this. This series thrives off mystery, deception and suspense so if you enjoy any of those in your comics, this is a series to consider. The price is only $12.99 which is a great deal on a six issue trade. I definitely recommend purchasing this series. You won't regret it one bit. 

Rating: 5/5

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