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Just Another Day in Woodrun


This issue has all the things you've come to expect from Morning Glories up to this point. The intrigue is still as strong as the first issue and we still have about as many answered questions meaning none at all. Nick Spencer takes the time to do something many writers ignore which is actually developing his characters. With that said I think he has finally constructed one of the most diabolical and complex female characters in recent memory. If you haven't figured it out I'm talking about Zoe. Yes, in this chapter we get to see some of the internal struggle that Zoe has gone through ever since she murdered that pervy English teacher to "save" her classmate. Joe Eisma's art really gets the job done in expressing her frustration and inner turmoil especially with her confession at the dock with her former best friend. Not only that, but we get to see an important piece of her past again that possibly helps explain her apathy towards murder. We also get to see the duality of this character. One minute she saves someone's life and the next she's sending them to the grave. This parallel is shown nicely in the closing pages. Finally, I know alot of people think that Zoe did what she did out of jealousy, but I see it as her getting revenge for being "sabotaged" as she puts it.

I know I sound like I'm riding Zoe alot here, but Hunter plays a part here as well. Jun, not so much, as you must read the issue to find out why. I find his dopey and sometimes clueless demeanor endearing and has made him one of my favorites alongside Zoe and Ike. Sadly, Hunter seems to have a bit of bad luck hanging over his head. Let's just say that Spencer seems to enjoy torturing our little underdog. I also enjoyed the 8:13 reference that they stuck in there which has an odd effect on Hunter himself.

I also enjoyed the surprise at the end even though it wasn't a total surprise. I won't spoil it, but if you've been paying attention then you will not be completely floored by it either.


The only real con here is the same thing that plagued Lost. So many mysteries and few answers. I'm confident Spencer will clarify some of these underlying questions in the months to come, but it still a little frustrating.

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