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Who else but Zoe?

Synopsis: What makes Zoe tick?

What's Good?

Oh, Zoe. Despite being a complete b***h, you still continue to be one of my favorite characters in this series. While all the characters have some distinctive backgrounds, Zoe's background is the one that sticks out the most for me.

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Zoe's personality is really what make her stand out the most. She has that pessimistic attitude about relationships, high school life, and life in general. We know that Zoe is smart, quite possibly smarter than Casey in some areas. This may be because of her past, but it is mysterious on how she became the person that she is now when as a child she was just adorable showing no signs of killing people. Speaking of which, she has different motives on why she kills people:

-To help a friend out.

-She got really pissed off at a cheerleader.

And now in this issue we learn:

-She felt betrayed by her best friend (Implied).


Seriously, the latest kill surprised me. Zoe doesn't kill because she feels like it. It is possible that she has a crush on Hunter? The two have been interacting a bit recently. Or maybe she wants to help bring Casey and Hunter together. Either way, it's mysterious.

But what I'm not surprised about is how far she's willing to go. Judging by her flashback, she was willing to risk everything for her friend, but now, it may be just be for herself. I question why she helped Sarah. I don't think it was because she was her best friend. I'm thinking it was something much more.

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But I admit, this issue isn't just about Zoe. Hunter has his moments as well, with the returning 8:13 reference, and another potential love interest (or was). Despite the 8:13 reference, I think Hunter is the perfect character for Zoe to talk to in this issue. I don't know about a possible relationship between the two, but who knows.

Joe Eisma really brings his A-game with the artwork. There are other characters in this issue, but thanks to the artwork, Zoe just sticks out more. It's also because of the emotions he portrays each character to bring Spencer's story to life.

What's Bad?

There was nothing particularly wrong with this issue.


This was another great issue featuring Zoe. It really brings out her character even more. It appears like in the next issue Casey will be the featured character.

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