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Me, Myself, and Hunter

The Good: As per usual, Morning Glories has some absoltuely stunning yet subtle panel layouts, as well as tons of questions rasied as they're answered. These 2 factors are always what give this series it's greatest appeal, gripping you and pulling you down to its deepest depths.
Miss Hodge continues to REALLY mess with our perception of the academy. Up until her, Gribbs was the nicest teacher there. Suddenly Miss Hodge swoops in with her charm and instantly outdoes him in appeal. And now we find out that she seems to despise him? The teacher most like her what we know? WHOA WHAT?
The continued looks at the Witch Trial forms a haunting tension that builds slowly alongside the main story. And then it hits a climax when you find out what's really going on there, but the main story is still in rising action, so everything's thrown off to make you unnerved, and then the climax hits, and things get REALLY crazy when you see how the two link so directly. The artwork starts to wash with color as the rain falls.
Wow.... I actually feel bad for Zoe. Sympath kind of works for her compared to Ike. I was glad Ike got sympathy, but Zoe forced me to actually develop a better understanding of a social group I regularly disregard in everyday life. And I was the one, I mean HUNTER was the one who really set off the souls searching she did. So it guts me heinously when she has the gall to be such a huge bitch back to him. I mean, I get it, but at the same time, she had the perfect opportunity to give Hunter the sympathy she gave me, but instead she wasted it making herself more of a bitch. It's actually more tragic.
WHAT IS THAT PICTURE ON MISS HODGE'S DESK!?!?! Lara saw it and smiled heartwarmingly, Zoe saw it and cringed. I assume it probably has something to do with Lara and Georgina as children, but still, it's driving me nuts. And actually I'm really wondering what Zoe was going to Miss Hodge for in the first place.
The way this issue takes place synonymously with the previous issue creates an excellent balance. The individuals have been split into 2 teasm, each one shaken up by the asshole normally with the opposite team, who was recently rebuked by the 'leader' of the team they're with now. While Team A has Casey and Jade, Team B has Hunter and Jun; each duo is one of a somewhat charismatic brainiac, each one set up to be the love interest of the other; and the quite mysterious roomate closest to them.
HUNTER!!!!!!! DON'T FALL FOR HER CHARMS! YOU KNOW SHE'S A BITCH! But It's ok, I understand, we're bad with women buddy. A popular girl starts getting flirtatious and we don't know what to do, so we just kind of go along with it. We're not looking to get romance or even sex out of it, but we don't want to come across as bastards, because we're nice guys. So we're trapped in this awkward 'not-relationship' with no real way out, just hoping she'll back off and let us get back to reading comics..... Whoa, sorry guys, that was an odd flashback.
Hmmm.... Miss Daramount and Miss Hodge are sisters? I feel like Hodge would be the one who got married, because Daramount insists on calling her Miss Hodge except when she's angry and Hodge calls Daramount, Georgina.
My copy also had a weak spot, so my middle page is half falling out.
In Conclusion: 5/5
Once again, Morning Glories never fails to demonstrate why it is the greatest comic currently on the stands. It's got the greatest pacing with some perfectly chosen panels, and its just RIFE with godlike levels of subtlety.

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