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This Woodrun can't be all bad right?

Synopsis: Hunter, Zoey, and Jun start the Woodrun.

What's Good?

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After the last issue, the story shifts towards Hunter, Zoey, and Jun's group. Like the previous issue, Spencer focus on characterization: The relationship with the adults Lara, Georgina, and Gribbs and the teenagers with Hunter and Zoey. Lara seems to despise Gribbs. Not surprising, but we see that deep down Zoey is not a bitch we're used to seeing, but probably just a lonely kid. Although the evidence is clearly there, I don't think she's a murderer. After Hunter chewing Zoey out in the last issue (and this one), Zoey gets back at him in the most diabolical way ever. Don't forget that this is still a school, and schools usually have a caste system (believe it or not). Hunter is sadly at the bottom in this case while Zoey is on the top.

Meanwhile the Woodrun that's been touched on in the previous issue gets on its way, along with a flashback of a 1693 torture in Salem. Now, I'm not a history buff, but I find this as a reference to The Salem Witch trials.

 We're going to be the best of friends
 We're going to be the best of friends

Again, great job by Joe Eisma for the artwork, working on the character expressions once more Zoey never look more devious. Like in the previous issue, Eisma expands his environments more showing off some forest environments. Also, another great cover artwork by Rodin Esquejo.

What's Bad?

Take a guess. Seriously, take a guess. It shouldn't be difficult to figure out what my complaint goes for this issue.

But if you can't guess what the problem is here's the answer: it's trying to figure out what the hell is going on with all these mysterious elements going on in each issue without getting answers. Again, don't misunderstand me, this is both Morning Glories' strength and weakness at the same time.


 To be honest, I'm more interested in the Woodrun than with Casey and Lara's situation. What kind of secrets lie in the forest?

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