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This Woodrun can't be all bad right? 2

Synopsis: Hunter, Zoey, and Jun start the Woodrun. What's Good? After the last issue, the story shifts towards Hunter, Zoey, and Jun's group. Like the previous issue, Spencer focus on characterization: The relationship with the adults Lara, Georgina, and Gribbs and the teenagers with Hunter and Zoey. Lara seems to despise Gribbs. Not surprising, but we see that deep down Zoey is not a bitch we're used to seeing, but probably just a lonely kid. Although the evidence is clearly there, I don't thi...

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Last Issue in a different person's perspective 0

Here is my video review for Morning Glories issue 14. This issue is about the teaming up of Hunter, Jun, and Zoe for Woodrun....

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Me, Myself, and Hunter 1

The Good: As per usual, Morning Glories has some absoltuely stunning yet subtle panel layouts, as well as tons of questions rasied as they're answered. These 2 factors are always what give this series it's greatest appeal, gripping you and pulling you down to its deepest depths.Miss Hodge continues to REALLY mess with our perception of the academy. Up until her, Gribbs was the nicest teacher there. Suddenly Miss Hodge swoops in with her charm and instantly outdoes him in appeal. And now we find ...

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