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New kids at school

100 Words Or Less

Casey, Hunter, Zoey Jade, Jun, and Ike are all new enrollments at Morning Glory Academy. Morning Glory is one of the most prestigious and well respected preparatory academies in the country. But something dark and mysterious lurks in the halls of the former monastery-turned-academy. The students are there to learn but are the teachers there to teach? Why have the new group of six been chosen and what is in store for them once they find out Morning Glory isn't what it seems?

So Then I Said...

I love reading #1 issues, so long as they are good. And the premiere issue of Morning Glories is good. 32-pages of pure story that does a brilliant job of setting up the series. Nick Spencer has done a great job here. He starts the issue off with a scene during the current school year that reveals to the reader that Morning Glory is not your typical prep academy, that it has an aura of evil to it. Then, he introduces the reader to the six main characters of the series and does very well in providing a background to attach to each of them. Just as he did with the teaser previews released a few months back of each student and their descriptive, Spencer uses the mini-backgrounds to let the reader know what type of person these main characters are. Immediately you get a picture of their personality and traits and that does a great deal in making the reader actually care about what they are reading. Finally, after all the characters arrive at Morning Glory, we encounter the first weird instance followed by a kicker of a cliff-hanger.
I think Nick Spencer's story-telling is top-notch. From the beginning to the middle to the end, there's nothing bad I can say. The scene with Hunter and Casey was cute. Joe Eisma's art compliments the writing but there's just something about it that I am not 100% sold on. Some panels felt like they were rushed and then there was the issue with the repeated panels (Ike's background, for example). Maybe it's common in the industry but I don't like repeating panels, it feels kind of lazy to me. Having said that, believe me when I say the art is pretty good (the explosion panel, for example). Rodin Esquejo did the cover (and all the teaser previews) and it's a beauty. There's a lot of detail and will definitely attract the average reader.

Bottom Line

I loved this issue. There's nothing more I can say. The story will pull you in and captivate you. I'm disappointed I have to wait a month in between issues. Worth It!

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Posted By Koz

Nice Review I could not agree with you more this was a great story. I am looking forward ti issue #2 I have high expectations for this series.
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Posted By haydenclaireheroes

I also loved this and i am so excited for the next issue. 

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