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    Mori Jin is the main character of the Korean series 'The God of Highschool', written by Yongje Park. Initially just a very powerful teen, who participated in a tournament that'd have granted to the winner any possible wish, alongside his friends, it's revealed Jin is actually a god, and one of the strongest, Jaecheondaeseong. Going through many adventures, and living through betrayals and the lost of his loved ones, Jin eventually reaches the pinnacle of existence, becoming the absolute god.

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    Jaecheondaeseong, Sun Wukong, Stone Monkey, Seiten Taisei...or Mori Jin, in the irregular universe (or rather, multiverse), of The God of Highschool.

    Reincarnated in the modern world after seemingly "killing" Tathagata, Jin is now a teenager competing in a regional, national, and even world wide tournament, in the possibility of getting granted whatever wish possible, in the case of victory.

    Naturally, his main objective was to fight strong guys, and improve his own talent as a martial artist, by facing actual tough foes, with even Borrowed Powers, from the actual gods. But in the end, it is revealed that Jin Mori, is the reincarnation of Sun Wukong, or Jaecheondaeseong, the Monkey King, and the reason as of why he doesn't use Bordowed Power, is because he is a god himself.

    During the several volumes, Mori gains a character development, going through several trials to become a better person than the one he was billions of years ago, as the jerkish Stone Monkey...eventually, not unlike another character inspired from the legend of Sun Wukong, gaining even new forms in his search for strength, eventually to protect what it's the utmost dear to him.


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