Morgana McCawber

    Character » Morgana McCawber appears in 27 issues.

    A sorceress rogue turned girlfriend for darkwing duck

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    Morgana was originally the head of a pizza establishment, which stole its pizza toppings from food supply stores in St. Canard and put those toppings into mushrooms which they could grow and make Pizzas easier than make them. This plot was ultimitly discovered and foiled by Darkwing and Launchpad. It was revealed her own workers were mushrooms. When she first met Darkwing, the two are attracted to each other, and Darkwing finds it hard to believe she is really the crook. When he does find out she is the one behind the toppings crimes, he tries to persuade her to turn her self in. However, much like Catwoman does with Batman, Morgana and her Spooky House disappears. 
    Of course she is not gone for long. She uses sleep sand from dream land to make all the citizens of St. Canard fall asleep, so she can rob the city, with the help of her pet Spider, Archie, and her two pet bats, Eek & Squeak. She later has a change of heart when Darkwing is in trouble. She ultimately saves Darkwing from the ruler of Dream land, Nodoff. From then on, they have been Girl friend and boyfriend. They have got as far as to meet Herb and Binkie of the Muddlefoots in civilian clothing. Darkwing also accidentally met Morgana's ghoulish family. Her father disapproves her dating a "Normal".   


      She was created for the TV show Darkwing duck as a love interest.

    Major Arcs

    Crisis on Infinite Darkwings
    After freeing St. Canard from the clutches of Taurus Bulba and his evil company, Quackwerks, Darkwing is overwhelmed. Launchpad, as the new CEO of Quackerwerks, tells him that, while he can't be there with all the new paper work, he knows who can. When he was taking down all the cervailence cameras (you don't want to know where some of them were), Launchpad and his workers found something.
    It seems in his days of controlling Quackwerks, Bulba feared magic, so he he brainwashed Morgana. Pulling up some camera feeds Launchpad found her. She was quite sick and would not respond to any questions. Her hair is down and she can not keep from sneezing. Every time she sneezes, her magic gets out of control and changes things into other things. She made a Starducks coffeehouse look like a game of Dungeons and dragons. 
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    In his sarrow upon seeing her, Darkwing reveals that after his house was attacked by Negaduck (and was only saved by Q uackwerks Crimebots), he gives up everything: the superhero buissness, his friends, even his relationship. Morgana tries to persuade "Dark" to stay with her (that a metal robot can not make a sorceress turn from good to evil), however all is of no avail and he leaves. Darkwing cries, remembering the good times, and the tears return her to normal. Morgana is back!
    Upon her return, Morgana tries to help Darkwing locate why the water in Audobon bay is acting up, but she unable to find out then. She later transports Darkwing and herself away from Dark Warrior Duck and the other Darkwings of the Multiverse unleashed upon the city by Negaduck and the nefarious sorceress Magica De Spell. Upon reaching home, the couple are attacked by the hypnotized Quiverwing Duck. Through Quiverwing, Magica knocks out Morgana with magic. Quiverwing, after a fight with Darkwing, becomes unhypnotized and runs away.
    Now that they know who they are deal with, they set out to find and defeat Negaduck and Magica. On the way, they are joined by Gosalyn (who is wearing the Gizmo Duck suit and calling herself Gosmo duck). Upon finding the dilenquent duo, Morgana battles Magica in a battle of the magic. Morgana ultimately is defeated when Magica steals her magic. Magica tries to wip Morgana's mind of everything (not agian...but in that state she found out who was meddling with the waters: Paddywhack!), but Quiverwing ultimately comes to the rescue.
    Morgana helps Darkwing, and the other Darkwing alternates fight agianst the Paddywhack Negaduck team up.

    F.O.W.L. Disposition

    Morgana is at home with Darkwing and Gosalyn. She tries to go with Darkwing when he goes out to fight crime (and unbenonse to her and gosalyn help Steelbeak take down F.O.W.L.), but Dark tells her to stay and watch Gosalyn. Determined and angry at Dark, Morgana storms out. Later, she and Launchpad search for Darkwing when she begins to feel, see and hear about the upcoming summoning of Duckthulhu. When Launchpad becomes a tenticled zombie for Duckthulhu, Morgana goes to deal with this force. This is Ongoing.

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