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    Crime boss from Harlem, New York.

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    He's also known as King of the Harlem Underground.

    Morgan was one of the highest crime bosses in New York, but he had the bad luck of becoming one of Luke Cage's enemies. He has been imprisoned for over twenty years, and whatever plans he manages to make are done from his prison cell.


    Morgan was created by Gerry Conway and Sal Buscema in 1972 and first appeared in Captain America # 152.

    Character Evolution

    Erik Killmonger would hire Boss Morgan to eliminate the Black Panther in the United States. Morgan gathers a group of criminals that include Nightshade, Cockroach Hamilton, Stiletto and Cottonmouth for this assignment. However the Black Panther is backed up by some of his friends, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Falconand Bill Foster. Boss Morgan and his gang fail to kill Black Panther and are defeated.

    Morgan is a gang leader in Rykers Prison.
    Morgan is a gang leader in Rykers Prison.

    Matt Murdock is locked up in Rykers Prison and placed in solitary when he is greeted by Morgan and two of his men. Morgan offers Murdock information on the guard that allowed an attack to go down where Foggy Nelson was apparently stabbed to death if Murdock would work for him. Murdock refused his help and told Morgan that he would get the answers he wanted by himself. Morgan would form an alliance with Hammerhead and Black Tarantula where they plan to eliminate the Kingpin and Murdock during a prison riot. Morgan had a prison guard on his payroll and he opened the armory to allow some of his men access to shotguns for the riot. Morgan, Hammerhead and Black Tarantula watched Murdock and the Kingpin defend themselves from a horde of prison gang members. Morgan didn't realize that the Kingpin had a contingency plan where Turk freed Bullseye and gave the assassin a deck of playing cards. Morgan was apparently killed when Bullseye stuck a playing card into his neck.


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