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    Character » Morgan Jones appears in 86 issues.

    Morgan was a survivor living in one of Rick's neighbor's houses with his son Duane

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    Morgan and his son Duane used to live in a different neighborhood but moved into one of Rick's neighbor's houses since it appeared that the area was less infected with the dead.


    Written by Robert Kirkman and drawn by Tony Moore.


    When Rick goes back to his neighborhood to find his wife and son gone, he wanders outside and gets hit in the head by Duane with a shovel. Morgan sees his son's folly (Rick is not a zombie) and takes Rick inside a house they've moved into to let Rick rest. Upon awakening, Rick sits down as Morgan explains what he can about the monster invasion. He rationalizes moving into their current house because the one he actually owns is in a neighborhood that seems to attract more of those things. Rick's neighborhood seems to attract far less. Morgan also explains that the media stopped broadcasting weeks before and it's presumed that the bigger cities are safer, as the government could more easily protect the citizens there.

    Rick figures he'll find his family in Atlanta and he and Joneses head to the police department for some "shopping". Rick opens a door to a cache of weapons and tells Morgan to stock up. Duane wants to take a gun for himself; Morgan chides him and tells him that he'll teach him to shoot first. They then go outside and Rick gives Morgan a squad car. A walker approaches the gate and Rick takes aim with his pistol. Morgan stops him as it is only one walker--he may want that bullet for something later. As Rick leaves, Morgan and Duane head back to their house.

    Five months after Rick leaves, Morgan is still living in the house with his son Duane. Figuring it to be about Christmas time, Morgan gives his son a Gameboy. He is oblivious to the fact that his son completely ignores him when musing on the state of the world. He still feels bad about "stealing" and can't wait for things to get back to normal. Seeing his son engrossed in his game, Morgan simply wishes his son a Merry Christmas.

    He is now dead.

    In other media

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    Morgan was portrayed by actor Lennie James. His first appereance was in the pilot episode along with his son Duane. Lennie James has made infrequent appearances during the run of the show and became a regular during Season 6.


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