Morgan Gallows

    Character » Morgan Gallows appears in 23 issues.

    Morgan gallows is a werewolf, who sees the future.

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    When Gallows was working for the government, he recruited a young man to be an assassin. Gallows personally trained him and thought him to be one of the best; the boy (later known as The Savior) took what he learned and left to be a mercenary.

    One night Morgan Gallows receives a vision of the future, he remembers five faces who are needed to save the world, he then starts to gather information about these people. Morgan manages to find four of them. First he visits a shape-shifter, (later called Rip), Morgan convinced Rip to join him on his quest. Next on their list is a dead-man called Carcass, he too agrees to see where this road takes them. They then follow hints of a vampire DJ named Oblivia, They find her in the abandoned building where she sleeps; there they also meet the fourth face from the vision, Voodoo Childe, who had come there on her own to seek answers. 
    The last member of the group turned out to be the hardest to gather, as she is the daughter of chaos lord Genocide and she is called Vex. She is under the influence of The Savior, who wants to use her to bring chaos to Earth. Vex is the first enemy of newly formed group, but the battle is quickly ended by Oblivia, who found out the secret of her birth. After the battle, Vex is welcomed into the group. Morgan Gallows vision starts to come together, but he hides a secret; one of the group dies saving the world.
    When Armageddon arrives on earth, Morgan realizes that this is the moment they were preparing themselves. He and his group are visited by Bedlam and Chastity, who also come to prevent Armageddon's victory. They use Bedlam's ability to teleport to move through the city. One jump is disrupted by an energy wave and they end up in Timekeeper's place. Oblivia decides to stay there. Morgan Gallows then decides that, come what may they must enter the battle. They are joined with other unlikely heroes to save Earth. Oblivia comes back, having drank from Timekeeper she learned what she needed to defeat Armageddon; She collects the artifacts and kills Armageddon, but his death unleashes a uncreation wave across the universe.

    Morgan Gallows is created anew on one of the eight worlds, still as a werewolf. He again starts to gather a group of people with Bedlam when Lucifer is resurrected.


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