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    Morgan Edge is a Metropolis hood who organized the various gangs of the city into corporate conglomerate known as Intergang. He is CEO of a now worldwide gang organization.

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    He was working for Darkseid as a servant. He funded building Whiz Wagon designed by Newsboy Legion, implanting an Alpha Bomb inside for destroying The Hairies.

    He was very much lately seen on the New Krypton story arc being a rather regular character, as the owner of WGBS , and through his new show Edge of Reason, turning up against the Kryptonians that showed up with the re-establishment of the bottle city of Kandor (as seen in Superman: New Krypton Special) which was shrunk by Brainiac, but most important turning against Metropolis' savior, Superman.

    His plan was, to convince the citizens of Metropolis that Superman's reputation was not after all what people have thought of , with that coming from Superman's decision of "abandoning" his adopted home planet, Earth, for being a resident of New Krypton as a result of the law that all Kryptonians were banned from Earth. His next target was Mon- El, accusing him not to be following the law, assuming he was a Kryptonian. He was not to be trusted even though he was picked by Superman himself. Later on, learning he was not a Kryptonian , he apologized in public and welcomed him to Earth, as Metropolis' protector.

    With a Kryptonian attack against Earth, which was planned by General Sam Lane, Morgan Edge in public once more, claimed that the Kryptonians were beginning an Earth invasion. Of course "The Metropolis Three", Supergirl, Nightwing and Flamebird, were not to be left out of his little game. He accused Supergirl of murdering Mon-El. Also Nightwing and Flamebird of destroying the water supply and the underground sewers of Metropolis, while praising General Sam Lane as a champion of Metropolis returning back from the dead to save his city and the president, standing up against the Kryptonian threat, without knowing that was his plan all along for them to be framed.

    Later on, having several guests at his show, such as Cat Grant and the so called "American Hero" General Sam Lane, once more he turned against Nightwing and Flamebird, calling them terrorists, and Supergirl an embarrassment for Superman.


    It was revealed that Morgan Edge was from Vermont and the town of Masonville honored him by naming the town's library after him (Action Comics #441). Morgan Edge is Jewish and his real name is actually Morris Edelstein. His mother is Sophie Edelstein. Morgan Edge was a Merchant Marine and while on shore leave in the western United States he was involved in a high stakes poker game where he ended up winning a television station in Albuquerque, New Mexico. That one television station was the start of the Galaxy Communications empire (Action Comics #468).


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    After the DCU relaunch of 2011, Morgan Edge changed in many ways. He's now African-American but he's still the president and CEO of Galaxy Communications. He also owns the newspaper The Globe and is called "the spiritual architect of the so-called New Daily Planet".

    Morgan Edge in other Media


    Morgan Edge first appeared in Smallville in the episode "Exile" and the episode "Phoenix" of the 3rd Season in 2003, played by Rutger Hauer. He later re-appeared in episode eight "Shattered" of season three played by Patrick Bergin.

    Rutger Hauer as Morgan Edge
    Rutger Hauer as Morgan Edge
    Patrick Bergin as Morgan Edge
    Patrick Bergin as Morgan Edge

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